"Top priority" for Deshaun Watson hasn't changed

In case you were confused, the main goal right now for Deshaun Watson is very clear: guiding the Texans to a Super Bowl victory.

The young quarterback authored a book that was just published. He traveled internationally before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the United States. He teamed up with Nike to help high school football players train virtually for the upcoming season.

But none of that clouded or took time away from Watson's relentless pursuit of the main prize.

"Oh, that's top priority," Watson said Friday, when asked about winning a Super Bowl. "That's for sure. I'm trying to pull a big three. I won a state championship, I won a national championship, so of course I'm trying to get a Super Bowl."

Entering year 4 as the Texans' signal-caller, the early reviews from training camp have Watson on a continued upward trajectory. The past two seasons have seen him quarterback the Texans to double-digit win totals and back-to-back AFC South titles. But for him, that's simply not enough.

"I have to win a Super Bowl and definitely win it with the Houston Texans," Watson said. "We've never won one here before and we haven't even come on the brink of winning one. We've got to get to that game before that, and then of course we can think about that. But yeah, I'm trying to create history and continue that and make it a dynasty."

To that end, Watson described what key things he's tried to improve in his game.

"Just trying to be more detailed and just trim down the MEs – the mental errors," Watson said. "If we can do that, and of course stay healthy – that's a big key – I feel like we can have the opportunity."

Veteran tight end Darren Fells caught seven touchdown passes from Watson in 2019. In the years before that, he played with Carson Palmer, Matthew Stafford and Baker Mayfield. In Watson, who he called "phenomenal" there's one key trait that separates him from others under center.

"I've never seen him miss two passes twice," Fells said. "He'll miss one at practice one day and then he'll never miss that again. That, in my mind, is one of the main differences that make up an average quarterback and a great quarterback."

Many Watson highlights have happened off-script. But general manager and head coach Bill O'Brien has pointed out how good Watson's always been at preparing during the week, and in the months leading up to the regular season. That's continued through the 2020 training camp.

"His meetings, he's very focused," O'Brien said. "The walkthroughs, he's very focused and he looks at each practice like a game and he tries to get better every day. He's doing a great job."

Watson and the Texans have Saturday off, and will resume practice at the Houston Methodist Training Center on Sunday morning.

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