Transcripts: Deshaun Watson Press Conference (9-2-2020)

How do you think the scrimmage went and how do you feel about the state of the offense right now?

"It went well. We're getting the details finished up exactly of training camp and things like that. The beauty of it, everyone came out healthy. We all came out healthy and scrimmaged was well, got some good competitive plays in a setting where we have to get used to, especially for our home games, so it was nice to be able to get on the field and just kind of let loose."

Was it encouraging to see ILB Zach Cunningham get his contract extension? How happy were you for him and what does that make you feel about your own situation as your agent continues to work with the team?

"Yeah, my agent and the organization are continuing to handle that. My main focus is just getting ready for next week and making sure this team is set in stone and mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually ready for September 10th. My agent is handling that. Zach deserves everything that he got, plus more. He's done everything that he needed to to make sure that he's solidified in that area, and his family is good. He's been coming to work and putting in that work for it."

How often this offseason did you think about the playoff loss to the Chiefs, and does it come up any more recently because you guys are going to open the season there?

"For sure, it's always in the back of my mind, but it's something that I didn't dwell on. I didn't get upset about it or constantly think about it all the time. It's definitely a motivational factor, but what I wanted to work on this offseason was to get my craft down and continue to be ready for big time moments like that and figure out what happened for that situation to change. Of course it's been on my mind, but it wasn't the main factor for this offseason."

What did you learn from that game?

"We have to play four quarters. We've got to be able to switch and stop the momentum from a great team."

How have you evolved as a runner, and have you ever a run that was bigger than the touchdown against Buffalo?

"I've always had the natural just kind of – I guess athletic skills since I've been little, really. I just kind of run and know how to protect myself and then also when to get down, what time situations I need to use my legs and my feet. But just really the biggest thing is kind of protecting myself when I run the ball. That Buffalo run was very, very big. I'm trying to think of a different situation. If I sit right here and think over the time I can bring up something, but that was definitely a huge one."

When you got hurt two years ago the coaches started holding their breath and said they were giving you a hard time. Do they still tell you to be careful when you're running or are they just used to you doing it?

"Oh, most definitely. They make sure – every time, even in practice, I know I'm not going to run full speed, no one is going to touch me during practice, but they always make sure – OB (Bill O'Brien) or Timmy (Tim Kelly) and tell me, make sure you slide, always giving me a heads up and protecting myself, because I have to protect myself to help the team be successful on Sundays. For me, they always make sure that, hey, they know that, hey, I'm going to give you this warning."

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said the first time he remembered meeting you or seeing you was at the QB Summit Camp in 2016. Was that the first time you remember meeting him or spending time with him, and what do you remember about that interaction and that camp?

"Yeah, it was dope. We were out in California. I want to say that was with Jordan Palmer. It was just a group of guys that were trying to get to the position in we're right now and just kind of competing, having fun, getting to know each other from all over, and it was a great interaction. We spent the whole weekend together and went out to eat and chilled at the house, chilled by the beach, so it was good to be able to get to know someone. It's cool to be able to see me and Pat kind of have the same situation, same kind of offseason training to get to where we're at."

When you evaluate your performance and where you are as a player, do you use other guys like Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes or Ravens QB Lamar Jackson as a bar or do you consider yourself separate?

"No, I focus on myself. I'm not going to compare myself to no one else. Each one of us probably has different standards, different ways of how we approach the game. We all want to be legendary and champs, but there's different standards and different situations that we've got to focus, so I can't compare myself to Pat because some things that Pat does well that I need to work on. There's some things I do well Pat might need to work on. We're just two different – at the end of the day we do the same thing, but at the same time we're different people, and the way we operate and think might be a little bit different, so we can't compare each other to one another."

What do you think of S A.J. Moore Jr. and what you've seen from him so far?

"His confidence. He's a complete player. He's been able to play so many different roles and do so many different things, and he's came each and every day and competed. Regardless if he makes a play or don't make a play, he's always getting up with a great positive energy, positive attitude and always competing regardless of what the situation is or how he's feeling that day. Me and A.J. have grown in our relationship over the past couple years, and he's been doing his thing, and he's been showing that he deserves to be on that field regardless of whenever that needs to be."

You've been with Head Coach and General Manager Bill O'Brien now for four years. How have you seen him change as a coach, and could you tell us something that you see behind the scenes about him that we don't know?

"Change-wise, I feel like he's more relaxed in different situations, in the situations as far as like competing or putting me as a quarterback in different situations in the heat of the moment during practice or during the week so I'm ready for those game-like pressure situations and being able to communicate not just with the quarterback but with all the players and all the coaching staff. I feel like I don't think that people understand the work ethic that he puts in, the time that he puts in to watch film and try to make sure this organization is at the top of its game. He's probably the hardest worker in this building, in this organization. He's not going to stop until he's a champion. That's what I like about him."

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