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*Marc, *

*We all agree this team's fate rests on the arm of Ryan Fitzpatrick. What are your expectations for him this season? *

Eric, League City

Eric, We all know he can sling it. He averaged 24 touchdown passes for his last three seasons in Buffalo. His problem has been turnovers. The key to success here is playing smart in the fourth quarter. Can he make the key throws to extend drives when you're behind and need to score or ahead and play keep away. If everyone's healthy, this is certainly the best team he has ever been on. I think he realizes that and will embrace the opportunity.


Seeing how B.O.B. was the OC for the Patriots when Gronkowski broke the TE NFL record for most TD's during a season, what your view on the Texans TE's? Can Fiedorowicz become the next Gronk?



That's a lot to ask. But he has a lot of the tools you're looking for that kind of potential. For starters, they drafted him at the top of the third round after they had re-signed Garrett Graham and already had a promising young player in Ryan Griffin. They think very highly of his blocking ability, which is a must-have in this offense. He has better hands than you think. One fan told me during camp that "he looks like a Game of Thrones" character. I can't shake that now so I've run with it on the air. He likes Gronk and somewhat models his game after him.

Every year it seems like NFL teams will lose major players to an injury., and the past few years the Texans have caught that bug (Cushing, Foster, Johnson, etc.). What are the odds the Texans avoid a similar fate this season? And if they don't, what sort of chances, if any, does the team have for a winning record?

Thanks Vandy.


Kyle, there's obviously no way to tell. And the team is thin at some key positions. Seldom do all front line players stay healthy. But you have to overcome it. Seattle had three offensive linemen out when they broke the Texans' hearts here last season.

In 2011, the Texans captured the fans imagination with the 'Next Man Up' season. I know this, whether they start or play roles, the rookies on this roster must contribute quickly if this team is going to bounce back big.

Mr. Vandermeer,

What's the learning curve going to be like for Bill O'Brien as a head coach.


Beth, first of all, please don't call me mister.

O'Brien's two year run as head coach at Penn State should not be dismissed when assessing how he'll do here. Sitting in the big chair at a program of that magnitude is tough enough. But he was able to win despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Having been at New England and working closely with Bill Belichick will be a big plus as well. Of course certain things will come up that he'll have to figure out along the way. But he has a much better foundation than a lot of people think. He really wanted to be back in the NFL.  A lot of college coaches think they know what they're getting into when they make the jump and they're surprised. That won't happen to Bill O'Brien who knows this league and has had to make the tough decisions for a big program.

Michael is this week's winner.  Keep the questions coming!

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