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Following a couple of tough losses (is there any other kind?), the Texans get a weekend off to heal up before engaging in preparation for Buffalo.

This means I get a weekend off too - which means I need to reclaim my garage. If you're like me, you have stuff in there that you just deposited at some point thinking, 'I'll get to it later.' Well, it's 'later' and I'm not happy about it. I'm wondering if we can get a scrimmage going or something.

What both losses had in common was the fact that Houston was right there in the fourth quarter, down a score with an opportunity to win. In both games, they didn't make the plays down the stretch to get the ball back and force the issue.

The weekend gives the coaches a chance to get maybe a little more sleep, but also to reflect on some things they want to do a whole lot better. Running the ball would be high on that list. The Texans have run for a combined 124 yards in the last two games. That's not what they had in mind when this thing started.

I was on the air in San Antonio this morning and they asked about Davis Mills. In the context of things, he played well but they didn't win. It was a good first step for him and he'll get another shot one week from Sunday against a stout Bills team.

Another thing I'll be doing this weekend is, to no one's shock, watch football. The rest of the AFC South is on display as Tennessee hosts Indianapolis and the Jags entertain Arizona. The Titans are coming off a tremendous overtime win at Seattle as the Colts and Jacksonville are looking for their first victories.

John Harris asked me who I root for when the Colts and Titans get together. This is a tough question. Watching your enemies go at it makes me think that a tie might be best. But this weekend, it's the Colts. This way, the Texans can still be tied for first. Yes, I'm THAT guy.

I know one thing. It's important not to get too hung up on the record right now. It's about getting better. The Texans know that they need to get some of the injured players back and get a more balanced attack going on offense. On defense, the to-do's start with playing better in the second half and getting the takeaway train rolling again.

Buffalo entertains Washington this weekend. It's a tough place to play and the Texans make the journey there next week. Josh Allen has lost twice to Houston including a playoff game he feels he let get away when it was in the crosshairs. It'll be intense. Buckle up. But rest first.

See the Texans at home as they host the New England Patriots on October 10th. Kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets

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