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FAQs for Renewal Campaign 2022

How is this "Reduced Percentage" determined?

The percentage shown on your 2022 Invoice was determined on the number of years you have been a Season Ticket Member (STM). The longer you have been a STM, the bigger the percentage you will receive.

When is the last day to lock in my "Reduced Pricing"?

The last day to lock in your "Reduced Pricing" is May 5th. If you do not renew by this date, your 2022 Price will be the same as your 2021 Price.

When is the last day to lock in the "Reduced Pricing for 2022 AND 2023?

The last day to lock in your reduced pricing for BOTH the 2022 and 2023 season is February 4th. This deadline will not be extended past this date.

If I relocate/upgrade to a new Seat Location, will I still receive this "Reduced Percentage"?

Yes, your "Reduced Percentage" will still apply to your new Location. *Club Level subject to different terms & pricing

How do I sign up to relocate or upgrade my seats?

If I want to add on seats, will I receive the "reduced price" for those seats as well?

Yes, if you add on seats, the reduced price will be carried over to the new seats through May 5th. After May 5th, we cannot guarantee the reduced price for any additional seats secured. Click HERE to let us know if you are interested in adding on seats

What if I do not want to extend my payments out for the full payment plan?

The new additional Payment Plans are offered to give flexibility to our STMs. If you would prefer to pay in full, you still can. If you prefer a shorter payment plan, please give us a call to discuss other options.

How does Yearly Auto-Renewal work? When is the last day to sign up for Auto-Renewal?

Auto-Renew means we will automatically renew your Season Ticket Membership each year unless you tell us otherwise. By doing this, you will receive $250 in Texans Bucks for the next season. The last day to sign up for Auto-Renew is July 31st.

What are the deadlines for the 10 Month Payment Plan?

Feb. 4th
March 15th  
April 15th
May 16th
June 17th
July 15th
August 15th
September 16th
October 17th
November 15th

How will I get to choose the Exclusive Merchandise?

If you renew before March 15th, we will send you a survey giving you the chance to pick your choice of Exclusive Merchandise. This item will be shipped prior to the start of the 2022 Season.

How do I renew my seats?

Click HERE to login to your Texans Account Manager and renew now or call our Service Team at 832-667-2002; option 1.

How does this benefit me?

By renewing early, you have the opportunity to receive reduced pricing on your season tickets and parking. This is our way of showing our Season Ticket Members they are important to the team!

Is Parking and Tailgate Tickets reduced as well?

Yes, your reduced percentage will also apply to your Season-Long Parking Passes; however, it will not be applied to Tailgate Passes.

Will Tickets and Parking stay electronic(mobile) for the 2022 season?

Yes, tickets and parking passes will remain mobile for the 2022 season.

What if I am still worried about COVID-19, do I have the option to defer?

No, we will not have the opportunity to defer for the 2022 Season. We understand there is still some uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. We will allow season ticket members the opportunity to wait till May 5th to make a final decision for the 2022 season.

What is the Ticket Swap Program?

This is an opportunity to swap your tickets out for up to 3 games during the season based on availability. This program will launch later this year, so more details to follow.

What does automatic year-to-year renewal mean?

New this season, we're making the task of remembering to pay your invoice more simple. Season Ticket Members will be able to sign-up for the automatic payment plan, which will now rollover every year unless you request otherwise.

What is the general automatic payment plan?

The general automatic payment plan allows you to pay for your season tickets over a select number of months for that specific season only. Therefore when the following season invoices are sent out you will need to re-sign-up for the automatic payment plan yourself. If you do not use the same card every year to pay for your season tickets we would recommend signing up for the general automatic payment plan.