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Front Office

Executive Management

Executive Assistants

  • Karen Richards Executive Assistant to Janice S. McNair
  • Susie Galvan Executive Assistant, Chairman's Office
  • Bonny Marshall Executive Assistant, President's Office
  • Stephanie Ramsey Executive Assistant to the Head Coach and General Manager
  • Ashley Tait Executive Assistant to Greg Grissom
  • Melissa Weynand Executive Assistant to Marilan Logan
  • Sarah Durham President's Office Intern

Coaching Staff

  • Lovie Smith Associate Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
  • Tim Kelly Offensive Coordinator
  • Frank Ross Special Teams Coordinator
  • Sean Baker  Assistant Special Teams
  • Danny Barrett Running Backs
  • Andy Bischoff Tight Ends
  • Ben Bolling Defensive Assistant
  • James Campen Offensive Line
  • Ilir Emini Defensive Assistant
  • Pep Hamilton Passing Game Coordinator / Quarterbacks
  • Greg Jackson Safeties
  • Bobby King Defensive Line
  • Robert Kugler Assistant Offensive Line / Offensive Assistant
  • Ben McDaniels Assistant Wide Receivers / Offensive Assistant
  • DeNarius McGhee Offensive Assistant
  • Robert Prince Wide Receivers
  • Allen Smith Assistant Defensive Line / Defensive Assistant
  • Miles Smith Linebackers
  • Dino Vasso Cornerbacks

Football Performance

Player Personnel

  • Haley Stork Administrative Assistant, Player Personnel

Football Administration

  • Andrew Brown Coordinator of Football Administration

Sports Performance

Sports Medicine Team

  • Geoff Kaplan Director of Sports Performance Planning and Medical Administration
  • Roland Ramirez Director of Athletic Training and Physical Therapy / Head Athletic Trainer
  • Jeremy Baxter Coordinator of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
  • Uriah Myrie Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Shannon Osborne Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Dr. Walter Lowe Team Medical Director/Head Team Physician/Team Orthopedist
  • Dr. James Muntz Team Internist
  • Dr. Rehal Bhojani Team Primary Care Sports Medicine
  • Dr. Michael Chang Team Physician
  • Dr. Steven Flores Team Orthopedist
  • Dr. Jack Fulkman Team Chiropractor/Gateway Chiropractic
  • Joni Honn Team Massage Therapist/Genuine Touch
  • Dr. Thomas Hunt Team Orthopedist
  • Dr. Corinna Keenmon Team Psychiatrist and Pain Management Specialist
  • Adeeb Khalfe Team Physical Therapist
  • Dr. Manickam Kumaravel Team Radiologist
  • Dr. David Lintner Team Orthopedist
  • Toko Nguyen Team Physical Therapist
  • Dr. Felecia Powell-Williams Team Mental Health Consultant
  • Dr. Mark Prasarn Team Orthopedist
  • Omar Sesay Team Clinician
  • Dr. Kevin Varner Team Orthopedist
  • Dr. Mitchell Weikert Team Ophthalmologist/Baylor College of Medicine
  • Bradley Wilson Team Paramedic/Harris County Emergency Corps.
  • Megan O'Hanlon Athletic Training Intern
  • Ryan Yim Athletic Training Intern
  • Connor Whicker Athletic Training Intern
  • Brandon Kukal Athletic Training Intern

Performance Nutrition

  • Ladd Harris Director of Team Wellness
  • Jacob Mertens Performance Nutrition Coordinator

Strength and Conditioning

Sports Science

  • James Hardy Sports Science Coordinator/Assistant Strength & Conditioning
  • Matt Van Dyke Sports Science Coordinator

Football Logistics

Football Operations and Team Logistics

  • Clay Hampton Director of Football Operations and Team Logistics
  • Tom Adden Assistant Director of Football Operations and Team logistics
  • Grant Hendrix Football Operations Assistant

Security and Player Logistics

  • Brent Naccara Director of Security and Facility Operations
  • Robert Breiding Security Coordinator

Football Technology

Video Operations

  • Tim Brog Director of Football Technology
  • Colby Borden Assistant Director of Video Operations
  • Jack Benitez Video Operations Assistant
  • Tommy Stoeser Video Operations Assistant
  • Tobijah Hughley Video Operations Intern

Football Information Systems

  • Russell Joyner Director of Football Information Systems
  • Kevin Clark Football Data and Applications Engineer
  • Curtis Goodwin Sports Performance Data Scientist


  • Joe Smilari Controller
  • Lisa Ruiz Senior Director of Payroll Services
  • Roweena England Director of Tax
  • Cristina Anaya Accounts Payable Manager
  • Cassandra Blanchard Accounting Manager
  • Kayla Rumbaugh Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
  • Gladys Hernandez Senior Accountant
  • Shelby Vogt Senior Payroll Accountant
  • Monica Garza General Accountant
  • Anna Reyes Senior Accountant


  • Marvin Dave Office Services Manager
  • Jeremy Jones Office Services Coordinator
  • Courtney Hazen Receptionist
  • Carol Adatto Nelson Team Travel Consultant/Global Air Travel

Broadcasting and Digital Media

  • Gavin Gehrt Executive Producer, Senior Director Live Video Productions
  • Jay McDevitt Senior Director of TV and Digital Media
  • Kenneth Perkins Senior Motion Graphics Designer/Editor
  • Drew Dougherty Texans TV Host and Senior Integrated Media Manager
  • Deepi Sidhu Texans Insider and Senior Content Producer
  • John Harris Texans Analyst, Integrated Media Manager
  • Tyler Suddarth Videographer and Lead Producer
  • Tyler Marcotte Videographer and Producer
  • Aynav Leibowitz Senior Digital Media Manager and Content Strategist
  • Amanda Caffey Digital Media Producer
  • Lily Vazquez Motion Graphics Designer and Editor
  • Lorren Walker Social Media Coordinator
  • Jordan Taylor Motion Graphics Intern
  • Caroline Jordan Digital Video Intern

Business Insights

  • Casey Burnham Director of Business Insights
  • Cody King Business Insights Coordinator
  • Jacob Strong Business Insights Intern

Corporate Development

  • Jerry Angel Vice President of Corporate Development
  • Brian George Vice President of Texans Luxe Partnerships
  • Austen Smith Senior Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Wes Brown Director of Corporate Development
  • Brian Peden Director of Corporate Development
  • Shari Rainey Senior Director of Texans Luxe Partnership Services
  • Stephen Friedlander Senior Business Development Manager, Texans Luxe
  • Emile Maffei  Senior Business Development Manager, Texans Luxe
  • Andrew Vitale Business Development Manager, Texans Luxe
  • Brittany Benedict Business Development Manager, Texans Luxe
  • Josh Randall Business Development Manager, Texans Luxe
  • Evin Martinez  Corporate Development Manager
  • James Dolce Business Development Manager, Texans Luxe
  • Chandler Farley Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Lelia Vacek Partnership Marketing Media Specialist
  • Meg Reynolds Senior Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Bri Williams Corporate Development Event Coordinator
  • Brooke Jenkins Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Heather Moses Texans Luxe Partnership Service Representative
  • Sarah Schriever Partnership Marketing Representative
  • Ashley Browder Texans Luxe Partnership Services Representative
  • Lynnard Rose Corporate Development Intern

Human Resources

  • Trang Do Senior Human Resources Manager
  • Julie Strauss Senior Total Rewards Manager
  • Ivory Youngblood Payroll and HRIS Manager
  • Brittany McSwain Human Resources Generalist
  • Leah Pierre Human Resources Generalist

Information Technology

  • Michael Johnson Senior Director of Enterprise Applications
  • Leo Scott Director of IT Infrastructure
  • Anthony Shade Systems Administrator
  • Bobby Rawlinson Director of IT Service Delivery
  • Erick Prak Senior Database Administrator and Developer
  • Derek Mauney Senior IT Support Analyst
  • Aaron Amaya Senior IT Support Analyst


  • Sunil Jamal Associate Counsel
  • Justina Villareal Paralegal

Lone Star Sports & Entertainment

  • David Fletcher General Manager
  • Blaine Foreman Director of Events & Operations
  • Sarah Dedmon Event Manager
  • Carly Boatwright Marketing Manager
  • Jasmine Butler Senior Events and Marketing Coordinator
  • Jack Fenimore Partnership Marketing Representative
  • Bailey Spiers Account Executive



  • Omar Majzoub Director of Communications
  • Nathan Edwards Communications Manager
  • Zach Tarrant Photography Manager and Team Photographer
  • William Glenn Communications Intern
  • Kenneth Richmond Photography and Digital Asset Management Intern

Community Development

  • Adrienne Saxe Director of Community Development
  • Kandyace Mayberry Director of Community Relations
  • Morgan Kleinschmidt Community Relations Manager
  • Brett Stewart Senior Marketing and Youth Football Manager
  • Rebekah Snodgrass Foundation Event Coordinator
  • Ezequiel Mendez Community Development Intern


  • Alexandra Comerota Senior Director of Marketing
  • Disney Harris Director of Fan Experience and Events
  • Matt Gaudry Director of Marketing
  • Jackie Maldonado Director of Game Presentation and Live Entertainment Producer
  • Lindsey Bowen Marketing Manager
  • Andrew Johnson Mascot Program Manager
  • Ciara Macaulay Creative Brand Manager
  • Casey Potter Cheerleader Program Manager
  • Lauren Garner Senior Graphic Designer
  • Ashley Alspaugh Marketing Manager
  • Kim Ramos Game Presentation Coordinator
  • Nohely Iglesias Graphic Designer
  • Krista Murray Marketing Coordinator
  • Ryan Records Senior Mascot Coordinator and Content Producer
  • Nida Lakhani Marketing and Cheerleader Program Assistant
  • Kelly Franks Marketing Events Intern

Ticketing and Event Management

  • Trey Young Senior Director of Ticket Services
  • Holly Schweitzer Director of Fan Relations and Event Services
  • Fara Yoder Director of CRM Data
  • Jessica Schneider Director of Membership Service
  • Cody Disbennet Event Logistics and Operations Manager
  • Karissa Hudik Event Services Manager
  • Matt McKee Ticketing Services Communications Manager
  • Rick Bornhauser Ticketing Services and Hospitality Operations Coordinator
  • Christian Freimuller Premium Seating Coordinator
  • Erica Martinez Ticketing Hospitality and Sponsor Ticket Coordinator
  • Taylor Rouleau Event Operations Coordinator
  • Jenny Toups Event Services Coordinator
  • Cody Cavalier Premium Seating Representative
  • Ryne Harris Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales
  • Chris Bentley Ticket Sales Representative
  • Kevin Kendziora Ticket Sales Representative
  • Caitlin Towle Ticket Sales Representative
  • Greg Takekawa Customer Service Representative
  • Charlie Hartland Ticket Sales Representative
  • Brandon Anselmi Ticketing Intern
  • Ariana Berrelez Ticketing Intern
  • Don Rittenhouse Event Logistics Intern