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Final 3 weeks of April jam-packed with big moments

The next three weeks are littered with significant dates.

But for some of those dates, we don't know yet what they are. If that's confusing, it should be.

The NFL will release the game schedules for every team, and they'll do so sometime this week. Or next week. Or perhaps even the week after. There hasn't been a definitive time for the announcement.

Before that schedule release comes out, the League typically reveals when the international games will be. That means the Texans will find out the time and date they'll play the Jaguars on the road in London. Again, that news could break today. Or it might happen two hours before the rest of the schedule is released.

The same goes with the preseason schedule: it usually comes out before the regular season schedule, but we don't know when that will be.

Enough with the uncertainty: time to give you some firm, concrete, stuff we actually know.

A week from today, the players will be back in the building for the start of offseason conditioning. For the second straight year, they'll be under the direction of a new head strength and conditioning coach. Mike Eubanks is the new man in charge, but he was an assistant last year under Luke Richesson, so he's a familiar face.

The NFL Draft begins two weeks from Thursday night, on April 25 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Texans currently own the 23rd overall pick.

Also, this Saturday and Sunday are Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts, and the squad will be announced about a week after that.

Plus, Easter Sunday is April 21.

So by the end of this month, players will be back in the building working out, we'll know when and where the Texans play all their games in 2019, a new rookie class will be chosen, a new team of cheerleaders will be unveiled, and the Easter Bunny might've left you something nice.

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