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The Leftovers: Safety replacements, Draft options, much more

Texans fans on Facebook sent in questions for Drew Dougherty. He answered a few in the video above, and quite a few more in the article below.

Luke Tolley: Dear Drew, Big Texans fan here from the UK. With Andre Hal retiring, do you think we will be looking to acquire another safety and how do you think they will go about getting one. In the draft/trade or free agency?* DD*: Yes Luke, the Texans will get another safety, and I think they'll likely do so with a free agent addition and a draft pick. Justin Reid and Tashaun Gipson are the starters, and Hal was the presumptive third safety. He needs to be replaced, and I think Houston will do so by taking one in any of the rounds after the first. I also think you'll see the Texans add a veteran safety in between now and the middle of training camp. Also, I'm looking forward to the trip to London this fall. Hope we see ya there.

Scott Roberts: Dear Drew, Do you think we go all defensive back picks in the 2nd round?* DD*: I don't. I think they'll mix it up, and I think a lot depends on what the Texans do with the 23rd overall pick. Depending on how the first round shakes out, there might be a cornerback talent available that the Texans can't pass. The Texans might not be in love with anyone at 23, and entertain offers to trade back a bit as well. Either way, of the first three picks the Texans have (23rd, 54th and 55th overall), I think they'll use at least one on an offensive lineman and at least one on a defensive back.

Joshua McCarty: Dear Drew, Do you see the Texans making any trades in the Draft?* DD*: I'm pretty sure you're asking about the first round pick, and yes, I could see it happening. But if it happens, I think it would be a trade back for more picks this year and in the future. I don't think the Texans will trade up in the first round.

Raymund Vinalon: Dear Drew, Is there any chance the Texans will let Jadeveon Clowney walk if another team tenders him a better offer, resulting in the Texans acquiring two compensatory 1st round picks?* DD*: There's always a chance, Raymund. But ultimately, the Texans like Clowney and want him with the Texans. GM Brian Gaine and head coach Bill O'Brien have both said so publicly, multiple times.

Oved Carranza: Dear Drew , now that Training Camp is coming back to Houston ... and the massive support the team receives in attendance, what plans does the team have to move practices inside NRG Stadium?* DD*: None for now, Oved. Looking like all camp practices will be outside at the Houston Methodist Training Center this July and August.

Ruben Hernandez: Dear Drew, Now that we have an offensive coordinator, will we have new schemes or a different offense in 2019?* DD*: No Ruben, don't expect anything wacky or drastically different on offense. Tim Ryan is the offensive coordinator, and while there might be subtle wrinkles to the offense, the structure of it will be largely the same. Keep in mind that the maturation of a lot of key players—quarterback Deshaun Watson, receivers Will Fuller, V and Keke Coutee, as well as the tight ends and the offensive line—will go a long way towards what the offense looks like. That growth will likely foster more success in terms of execution.

Ian Cottle Dear Drew, After signing Matt Kalil to a one year deal to compete for LT, would Cody Ford make the most sense to draft in the first? Could he play Guard for a year and learn our system and be an anchor next to center Nick Martin?* DD*: Ian, it's not a bad idea. Ford, however, would make sense to draft whether you'd signed Kalil or not. By all accounts, it looks like he's going to be a successful lineman, at guard or tackle, in the NFL. I don't think the Texans have narrowed their sights just on him, though.

Jim Ricketts: Dear Drew, I know Valentine Holmes is on no one's radar but the guy is the best Australian Rugby League back/winger and wants to play NFL. Best back/winger for the WORLD CHAMPS in a sport played in more than a dozen counties. Just an Aussie Texan fans point of view.* DD*: Oh, he's on radars for sure, Jim. Definitely has a chance to play in the NFL as a special-teamer, and by all accounts will get his shot. Thanks for the heads up!

Angel Martinez: Dear Drew, With training camp being held here in Houston, will they go back to allowing the fans to watch evening practices?* DD*: It's a long shot right now, but I wouldn't totally rule it out. Selfishly, I like the night practices better. Not as hot, and I don't have to stare into the sun. Plus, everyone seems a little more excited to be there, players and fans included.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, Who will take Christian Covingtons's place on the D-Line?* DD*: Covington signed with the Cowboys as a free agent, so it looks like a combination of Angelo Blackson, Joel Heath, Carlos Watkins and a draft pick or two will get the reps Covington had the last few years here.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, What are the odds we bring Glover Quin back home?* DD*: Sure makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Quin played here from 2009 through 2012, and has been in Detroit since. The Lions let him leave this offseason, so if he signed here he wouldn't count against the compensatory pick equations.

Tom Rajan Dear Drew, Is there any sort of indication that the Texans would bring back WR Demaryius Thomas? Given the injury history of Will Fuller, would it be prudent to bring in someone who has some knowledge of the Texans playbook, or draft a rookie to take this role?* DD*: Probably not, Tom. He's got a long rehab ahead from the Achilles injury. I suppose if some injuries to the Texans receivers happen, and Thomas is healthy and looks good later in the season, then it might happen. But right now, it doesn't look like he's in their plans.

Javier Zuniga: Dear Drew, How do I get into the Texans draft party?* DD*: Gotta be on your toes a week from Thursday, Javier. On April 11th in the morning, the free tickets will be available on They're limited, so make sure you're online bright and early and most likely at 9 a.m. that day. Also, parking will be in the Blue Lot that night, and free.

John White: Dear Drew, Do you think we should take safeties and cornerbacks with every pick in the Draft? Seriously though?* DD*: No. I think the Texans will draft a couple, but they need help elsewhere, too.

Juan Garza: Dear Drew, With many of the same questions being asked, we would like to ask how you are doing this offseason, what's your opinion of the team's offseason, and would you consider a lucky meal on Fridays since the lucky guy/head was good for 9 straight?* DD*: Thanks, Juan. I'm great. I like the Tashuan Gipson signing a lot, and I'm looking forward to the Draft later this month. GM Brian Gaine and company slayed it last year without a pick until the third round, and now they'll have three picks before the third even starts this year. I would definitely consider a lucky Friday meal, and am open to suggestions.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, In many recent mock drafts it shows the best 3 offensive tackles (Williams, Dillard, Taylor) will be gone by pick 20. Do you think the Texans will reach for the next best offensive lineman (because the next three lineman won't be there by Round 2 pick 23), draft best player available, trade down a couple of spots and gain more draft capital, or trade up to grab one of the top three?* DD*: I think if the Texans were to trade, it would be to trade back to add more picks this year and next. I doubt they'd trade up. I also don't know that they necessarily have the offensive linemen graded the same way you do. Keep an eye on one of the good cornerbacks falling to 23.

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