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HTC Rachel

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Tenure: Rookie

College: Texas Christian University


Why Do You Want To Become a Houston Texans Cheerleader?
I want to become a Houston Texans Cheerleader because I am passionate about dancing for the best team and fans in the NFL, along with being a role model for girls and women of all ages to pursue their passions. From a young age, I had always looked up to the HTC. Not only were they talented dancers, but they were excellent examples of the type of woman I hoped to grow into one day. To be a part this organization would allow me to pursue my passion for dance while being able to inspire others and have a positive impact in the Houston community.

What Is Your Favorite Quote or Words You Live By?
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Fun Fact:
I performed on College Gameday 3 years in a row!