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To access the Green, Yellow, and Purple parking lot be sure to exit Main St. To access the Blue and Red parking lots be sure to use Kirby Dr. For Maroon and Orange take the Fannin St. Exit.

Please note: All parking passes (except Platinum) for the 2023 season will be mobile.

Arriving at NRG Stadium


To access the Green, Yellow and Purple parking lots, take the Main St. exit.

parking map for gold_fix

To access the Blue, Gold, Platinum and Red parking lots, take the Kirby Dr. exit. Note: You can only enter Platinum Lot via Gate 8.


To access the Maroon and Orange lots, take the Fannin St. exit.


For East Valet, enter NRG Park via Gate 2 off Fannin St. For West Valet, enter Green Lot via Gate 13 off Lantern Point.

Arriving at NRG Stadium

Parking Lots and Gates
How do I get to my parking lot?
What time do parking lot gates open?

All parking lot gates will open 4 hours prior to kick-off, with the exception of Platinum, which will open 5 hours prior to kick-off

How can Season Ticket Members purchase tailgating wristbands?

Tailgating wristbands can be purchased here.

When can I line up at the parking gates before the lots open?

Queueing is only allowed during the (30) minutes prior to parking gates opening. Any vehicles lined up prior to (30) minutes before parking gates open are subject to citations from the City of Houston for obstructing a roadway.

Is parking available for purchase on Houston Texans gamedays?

Yes, cashless parking is available to purchase in our Yellow (Gate 16A off McNee) and Maroon (Gate 5 off 610 service road) lots for $65 on Texans gamedays. No cash will be accepted.

Where can I purchase a parking pass for Houston Texans games?

You can purchase select parking by calling the Houston Texans Sales Department at 832.667.2390. Please note that inventory is limited.

Where is Handicap/ADA Parking?

ADA parking is available in all NRG lots with a valid state issued license plate or placard and a pre-paid parking pass. Once entering your parking lot, show the staff your ADA placard and you will be directed to the ADA parking section closest to the stadium.

ADA parking spaces are intended for vehicles with the proper ADA placard/plate only; tailgate equipment (tents, tables, etc.) is prohibited from being set in ADA spaces unless it occupies the same space as the accompanying ADA vehicle. For more information on ADA parking, please see the link here.

Where can I park my RV, bus or oversized vehicle?

All RV's, buses, and oversized vehicles will need to pre-purchase a minimum of (2) parking passes and will be directed by NRG Park staff to park in the designated RV areas in each lot.

Where is motorcycle parking located?

There is no specific motorcycle parking at NRG Park for Texans home games. Each motorcycle that comes onto property must have its own pre-purchased parking pass to enter the parking lots.

Where do I find information for taking the Metro Rail to Houston Texans games?

The Metrorail is available to fans for all Texans home games. For a complete list of pick-up locations and fare information, please visit

Where is the Rideshare and Taxi drop-off location on Texans gameday?

The Rideshare and Taxi drop-off location can be found in front of Hall B at the NRG Center. Find directions here.

Where is the drop-off/pick-up location for Texans games?

Fans may drop-off/pick-up just outside of gate #2 at the intersection of Fannin and McNee.

Do I need a game ticket or tailgate guest ticket to come onto NRG Park property for Texans games?

All guests must have a valid game ticket to that day's game to be on NRG Park property.

What time do the pedestrian entrance gates open?

Pedestrian entrance gates open 3.5 hours before kick-off. These gates are intended for anyone who wants to walk into NRG Park to avoid mixing pedestrians with vehicle entrance gates. A valid game ticket is required to enter through the pedestrian gates.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with traffic, parking or tailgating on gameday?

If you encounter any challenges with parking or your gameday experience on the actual event date, please call our Gameday Hotline at 832-667-1400 or text our text line number to 832-241-0202.

Who should I contact if I have questions not answered on the website regarding parking?

For any questions not answered here, please email

How do I participate in H-E-B’s Tailgater of the Game?

Click here for more information on how to win!

Exiting NRG Stadium

exit green lot-v2

To exit the Green, Yellow, and Purple parking lots, take Main St.

Exit blue lot-v2

To exit the Blue, Gold, Platinum and Red parking lots, take Kirby Dr.

exit maroon lot-v2

To exit Maroon and Orange lots, take Fannin St.

exit east valet lot-v2

For East Valet, exit NRG Park via Gate 2 off Fannin St. For West Valet, exit Green Lot via Gate 13 off Lantern Point.

Exiting NRG Stadium

How will I be directed out of my parking gate?

Fans are directed out of parking lots by HPD and parking personnel based on traffic flow, with the goal to get vehicles out of lots and onto roads as quickly as possible. This can change game-to-game and please note that you may not be able to take your preferred route or the one you took to the game – we recommend using Google Maps to assist with your drive home.

How long does it take to get out of NRG Park parking lots?

We aim to clear all of our lots within 50-60 minutes after end of game but various factors including construction and time of the game can influence lot clear times.

Does the time of game influence traffic upon exit?

Yes, expect heavier traffic and longer delays for night games – both inbound and outbound.

Is tailgating allowed after the game?

Postgame tailgating will be permitted for (1) hour following the conclusion of the game. At that time, lots begin to close and all vehicles must leave property.

Where is the Rideshare and Taxi pick-up location on Texans gameday?

The Rideshare and Taxi pick-up location can be found in front of Hall B at the NRG Center.

Can I leave my vehicle at NRG Park overnight?

There is no overnight parking after the game. All vehicles must leave property at the conclusion of the game.

Contact Us

The Texans offices, located in NRG Stadium, are open for business year-round, Monday- Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

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Texans Administrative Office: 832-667-2000
Texans Customer Service: 832-667-2002
NRG Park Administrative Office: 832-667-1400
Houston Texans Toll Free Number: 899-788-2002
Lost & Found: 832-667-1714

To report fan conduct issues on gameday, please text our Gameday Text-line: 832-241-0202