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GFE Tailgaters | H-E-B 2019 Tailgaters of the Year

GFE Tailgaters | H-E-B 2019 Tailgaters of the Year

H-E-B Tailgaters of the Game

Gameday Ticket Policy Information

Gameday Ticket Policy

During the entire 2019 NFL season, the Houston Texans will require fans who wish to enter NRG Stadium property to possess a gameday ticket or Tailgate Ticket. Tailgate Tickets are valid only for the event date printed on the ticket.

What is your responsibility?

As a season ticket member, you are responsible for all actions of any tailgate ticket member in possession of a ticket distributed to your account. Reproduction of this ticket will result in the revocation of all tailgate ticket privileges.

Who are Tailgate Tickets Intended for?

Season ticket members and their friends and family. If you re-sell this ticket, your season ticket account will be deactivated and you will not be allowed to purchase these tickets in the future.

Children are Exempt

Children 15 years of age or younger who are attending the game with their parents or a guardian will be allowed on NRG Park property without a game ticket or Tailgate Ticket, however they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Where is it enforced?

All NRG Park property, including but not limited to all parking lots and the stadium.

What will happen to Non-Ticket Fans?

Any fan that does not have a gameday ticket or Tailgate Ticket will not be permitted to enter NRG Park Property. All tailgate tickets must be purchased in advance of gameday.

If you have any additional questions regarding our Gameday Ticket Policy, please call our Customer Service team at 832-667-2002.

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