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HTC Kennedy

Personal Trainer and Cheer Coach

Hometown: Tomball, TX

Tenure: 2 Seasons

College: Texas A&M University


Why Do You Want To Become a Houston Texans Cheerleader?
I want to be a Houston Texans Cheerleader because I grew up in Houston and I would love to represent my hometown. After completing my Rookie year as an HTC, I am so affirmed that God put me exactly where I was meant to be. This team embodies everything I stand for - gratitude, kindness, generosity, selflessness, class, integrity, and most importantly, teamwork. I have so much more to give this organization as a teammate, as a coachable dancer, and as an ambassador for the Houston Texans. 

What Is Your Favorite Quote or Words You Live By?
"Do nice things and be kind to people." - Bob Goff (My favorite author!)

Fun Fact:
My eyes are two different colors - one green and one blue!