Do you have your 2023 mascot schedule yet?

An image from the May 2, 2023 schedule release video shoot in Houston, TX.

You've seen the 2023 Houston Texans schedule, and maybe you even have your season tickets... but do you have the most important thing that came out on schedule release day?

It's the Mascot Schedule, starring TORO!

Every year, TORO designs his very own schedule so he knows which mascots he'll be hanging out with once the season begins.

This year he'll visit with Poe when the Texans face the Baltimore Ravens. Then it's time for the home opener against the Indianapolis Colts on September 17. That means Blue, the pie-in-the-face smashing horse is going to find out who the best mascot in the NFL really is (and this is a good time for a reminder: If you haven't voted for TORO for the Mascot Hall of Fame, now would be a great time to do it!).

SGT - Promo

The 2023 Mascot Schedule is available for printing or as a tablet and phone wallpaper. Click below to get your wallpapers, then screenshot your phone and send it to TORO on Twitter.