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99 Days until J.J. Watt is in the Texans Ring of Honor

JJ Watt career accolades graphic (1)

The main Twitter account tweeted out a silhouette and a date.


That tweet had everyone buzzing in the football world and especially those Texans fans that had the weekend to try to figure out what was happening.

On that date, it was announced that future Hall of Famer J.J. Watt would be inducted into the Texans Ring of Honor when his brother T.J.'s Pittsburgh Steelers squad comes to town.


That day is now 99 days away so the Texans creative brain trust got together to figure out how to adequately celebrate the three time NFL Defensive Player of the Year and newest inductee into the Ring of Honor alongside founder Bob McNair and all-time great Andre Johnson.

The meeting went something like this…I'm guessing.

"Hey, do we have video content and the like to cover 99 days leading up to Watt's Ring of Honor celebration?"

"Ummm, you think? Yes, we CERTAINLY do."


End meeting.

As such, to celebrate J.J's Ring of Honor ceremony in 99 days, we'll be putting out 99 days of J.J. Watt content. So, will we see…

His Draft Day announcement?

The Draft Party reaction?

His first sack?

His pick six against Cincinnati in the playoffs that made him a star?

The elbow brace?

The Hard Knocks call out in 2015?

The Defensive Player of the Year ceremonies?

His 100th sack?

His first offensive TD against Oakland in 2014?

His pick six against Buffalo in 2014?

His outstanding mic'd ups?

The ATLANTA FALCONS Hard Knocks segment with him as the "villain"?

His 20th sack in 2012?

His Kid reporter interviews?

The Sack that turned around the Buffalo playoff win in 2019?

Coming out of the tunnel in 2017 after Harvey against the Jaguars?

An SNL segment or The League cameo?

His Pro Bowl visits?

His fade route TD against Cleveland in 2014?

The many S-WATT downs?

The finger wave?

The TFLs?

Turn up for Watt?

The fumble recovery against the Colts in 2014?

His performance against the Colts in Indy in 2019?

Ending the Thursday night win over the Bengals in 2017 with a massive hit?

The pre-game toss with the fans?

The many, MANY moments shared with fans and young fans, in particular?

The training camps?

The home Titans game in 2014…and he was mic'd up?

The smile?

The mean mug, meaning it's game time?

The "show the healthy hand" celebration against the Jaguars to clinch the division in 2015?

The spin move for his 20th sack in 2014?

His tire flipping?

His weight room exploits?

I started to type yes like a million times, but the answer is yes to all of them…and plenty more. So, buckle up and re-live J.J. Watt's career over the next 99 days and when it's over, we'll all be celebrating his return to NRG for his Ring of Honor celebration.

10/1/2023 - 99 days away.