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A break in the routine

Sunday Morning: All dressed up and no place to go.

It was very strange to wake up on a Sunday morning, flick on the pregame shows and not have a game to call. I kept feeling like I was supposed to be somewhere. It also was a big dose of gratitude that I am at least a small part of this thing called the NFL. Isn't it also a reminder for Houstonians of what it was like for five years with no NFL Football? I would think so. Even though we've had some struggles with our Texans, it's such a privilege to be in the league.

Can you believe the Titans scared the daylights out of the Colts? How did they do it? By running the football. Ultimately, they couldn't get it done and Vince Young's first career TD was in a losing effort. Reggie Bush ran a punt back for a TD, but continues to really struggle running the football. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't a big problem. If he were here and not producing on the ground, a lot of fans would be in panic mode.

It's amazing the Texans had five days off. Gary Kubiak very much wanted his troops to have fresh legs for the Dallas game. I hope that the R&R combined with the momentum from a win propels the Texans to an upset at Texas Stadium. It'll be tough to stage an ambush attack after the Cowboys were beaten in Philly. The T.O. stuff was unbearable last week. At least anything we hear about him this week pertains to a game we're involved in.

What I did during the bye:

The wife and I went to Galveston for one night while the in-laws looked after 8-month-old VanderBaby. It was our first time without him, which was a whole other story.

I had never spent any real time in Galveston. We stayed at the Galvez and ate at the Waterman. Both places were great.

I was surprised how much of Galveston needs a huge economic overhaul. There were too many abandoned houses and empty retail spaces to think otherwise. The sad thing is there is so much potential. The place could be paradise, but has obviously been through some tough times. Sure, Schlitterbahn and Moody Gardens are terrific. And there are many beautiful old buildings that are being restored and a ton of things to see. But clearly it could be so much more. The place oozes Texas history. Plus, it's our closest connection to a big resort type of beach. Sure, the water could be a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but it's only an hour away.

Anyway, back to the action Sunday. I'll have the keys to the upset later this week.



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