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A double whammy

Not only was this an excruciating defeat. But it was to the Cowboys, and that means we have to hear about it for four years. VanderBaby will be pushing five years old by the time the Texans play the Cowboys again. Derrick Carr (David's brother) could be starting for the University of Miami. Hilary Clinton could be the President. Don't get me started.

But aside from losing the Governor's Cup, this was another long afternoon in what could be a long season if the Texans don't get their act together.

At the half, I wasn't exactly elated, but I felt that we were hanging with them and a win was very doable. The thing that made this particular game so frustrating is the three turnovers and 17 points that were scored off them. Playing in that building is tough enough. The Texans made it harder.

Red Alert Concerns:

-David Carr threw a couple of devastating picks that turned the ball game around. How will he bounce back against Jacksonville next week?

-The running game is still a clunker with both backs averaging under two yards per carry.

The defense was holding together fine in the first half, but gave up a long TD drive in the third quarter, then had to deal with three straight sudden-change situations. This defense just isn't ready for that. But Mario Williams had six tackles and is starting to look very good. That's a bit of a silver lining.

If there were a running game, the air attack would really take off, but it isn't happening right now.

It was fun being up there, though. The Texans fans were great at the stadium and in the watering holes and restaurants the night before. When the Texans eventually start winning, this fan base will really represent.

It's been tough on the fans. They lost the Oilers, got a honeymoon with the Texans, but the record in the last two seasons is 3-18, which tests your fan mettle. Better days are ahead. We all saw flashes of it against Miami and in Dallas before the mistakes crept in.



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