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Houston Texans

A letter from Mrs. McNair

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Dear Andre,

What a wonderful journey this has been. When we first met in 2003, you were a wide-eyed young man who had never lived outside of Miami, and Bob and I had just finished the first season of one of the biggest undertakings of our lives – starting an NFL team. It's safe to say none of us had any idea how the next 16 years would unfold.

It didn't take long to see that you were special. As you cemented yourself among the best in the league on the field, you did so in the same quiet, humble manner you had when you arrived to Houston. Off the field, you poured your heart into the community and infected the city's youth with generosity and your signature heartwarming smile. You set the standard for everyone associated with this organization who came after you.  

To so many Houstonians who longed for the return of professional football, you were the first great player they could again call their own, and no one could have hand-picked a better first star than you. For all the love and support this city heaped on you, you gave it back tenfold. What you've come to mean to this community and the lives you've changed embody everything that Bob and I could have ever hoped to be part of in the early days of the franchise.. 

The Texans family was blessed on that April day in 2003. Congratulations on your induction into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and thank you for everything you've done and continue to do to make Houston such a special place. We're so proud to call you a Texan.


Janice Suber McNair