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Houston Texans

A long day comes to an end

That was long wait. All the excitement generated from the Okoye selection was quickly stymied after we all realized here that it would be several hours before we would add another player to the roster.

When the Texans finally went back on the clock, Houston started a mini-run of wide receviers by selecting Jacoby Jones at No. 73 overall. Receiver was certainly a need for the Texans heading into the draft and Jones is a player with plenty of upside.

It seems like yesterday that the Chronicle's Megan Manfull and I were waiting patiently for Shrine Game practice to end at the Methodist Training Center so we could speak with Jones. He had caught many scouts eyes there and I thought he was certainly worthy of a feature (which you can read here).

Jones was impressive that day. He was anxious to prove himself, which he clearly did, and came across as a well-spoken young man. Gary Kubiak had similiar thoughts on Jones during the post-pick press conference Saturday.

That's all well and good, but if Jones can't contribute, at least in the return game, how well Jones can fill up a notebook really doesn't matter. Kubiak described him as "hungry". I like that take.

Too often these kids coming out of college have been told how great they are from the time they enter high school. The fact that Jones has been trying to prove himself for virtually his entire football career can't be a bad thing. I'm anxious to see him in action when OTA"s start in a couple of weeks.

Houston enters Sunday with all of its second-day picks. I'm looking for the o-line and secondary to be addressed Sunday and their are some quality players at both positions still available.

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