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A memorable season

Hi Texans fans! Well our season is officially done and I find it appropriate to explain what the Jacksonville vs. Texans game felt like for the Cheerleaders. This being our last game of the season, the bitter sweet feeling was unanimous. We were all looking forward to a little bit of downtime, but we were also fascinated by how quickly the time flew.

Field practice was the most emotional time for me, as few people have the opportunity to be at field level in a completely empty Reliant Stadium. It was the same overwhelming feeling that I felt the very first time I walked through the tunnel for my very first field practice as a Houston Texans Cheerleader. I looked around at my teammates and everyone else seemed to feel the same way. Actually, they may have been thinking it, but I made the fatal mistake of shedding a few tears and the chain of tears quickly grew. After field practice, we all hurried back to our locker room, got ready and took as many pictures as we could.

Another amazing aspect of this game was the opportunity to perform with our Houston Texans Junior Cheerleaders at half-time. The girls did a wonderful job and were in awe as soon as their little boots hit the field. The dance was a lot of fun and we were sad to leave the girls after halftime, but it was time to get ready for the third and fourth quarters as well as deliver our very last performance of the 2007 season.

It was time. We all stood behind the end zone waiting for our queue to dance and one of the girls in my line said to the rest of us, "This is the last one ladies!" We all seemed to realize this at the same time and quickly got emotional. The fans nearby were a little baffled as to why we were all teary and quickly realized the reason as we wiped our tears aside and ran into the end zone. We all had an amazing time performing our last routine and kept up that same energy until the game ended.

I am still amazed that the season has come to a close. Being a Houston Texans Cheerleader has created many wonderful memories for us all and on behalf of all of my teammates I can confidently say thank you for a great season!

  • Sonya
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