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Houston Texans

A message from Texans Chick

I got an e-mail today from Stephanie Stradley. She is also known as "Texans Chick." I must say that she is one of our most ardent fans, which is great. People like her are the foundation of any NFL team's fan base. Most of the time, she contacts me only to talk message boards, which I'll address later, but today she sent me a kudos e-mail to praise our blogs. That was nice.

She also sent me a link to this blog, which is very interesting. Tight end Owen Daniels, one of the nicest players on the team when it comes to fan- and media-friendliness, gives a shout out at the Texans Draft Party to one of his former Wisconsin teammates serving in Iraq.

I also have a friend, Paul Yazbeck, that returned to Texas this weekend for a two-week break from Iraq. He is serving in the Army and plays in my fantasy football league, and he's already fretting about what he's going to do for our fantasy draft in August. Apparently, he can't access some sites on his Army computer, and he doesn't trust the Internet connections on other computers over there at the former Baath party headquarters in Baghdad. That leaves him with few options. I imagine his wife will end up drafting for him from a queued list, because he doesn't trust any of his other friends (who are all in the league) to be fair. If anyone has any better ideas, please feel free to chime in. I'm sure my friend would appreciate it.

Back to the message boards, we've gotten enough feedback from fans to realize that the new message board is not as popular as the old message board. That's pretty clear. I'm still working with our web provider not only to improve the performance of our current message board, but to research our options moving forward. I know how much fans loved our old message board, so this is one of my top priorities. Trust me on this. Just stay tuned for more developments.


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