A Play, Tate and Cheerleaders

Last night at the Methodist Training Center we checked in on the Texans Youth Football Camp. The youngsters were having a good time learning the ins-and-outs of the game, and they also got a special treat when rookie cornerback Kareem Jackson came by to speak. He stressed the importance of learning the fundamentals and listening to coaches, and the kiddos were hanging on every word.

We also huddled with Kareem, and will have a video of the interview up tomorrow. So, even though it's July, we're still hooking you up with Texans news.

Make sure you check out Part 2 of our N.D. Kalu interview. It focuses on the defense, and N.D. was a really good sport when we taped it. You'd never know it, because he kept talking and giving good insight, but he was getting attacked by gnats in the 100-degree heat. Thanks for being a pro, N.D.!

Rookie running back Ben Tate played his college ball at Auburn, but grew up on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Quick geography lesson: it's the part of Maryland that's east of the Chesapeake Bay and west of Delaware. Great place for crabs. He's headed back there for a parade and picnic in his honor. Congrats, Ben!

Andy Benoit of the New York Times chimes in with one of the more creative 2010 season previews of the Texans. He does it in the form of a play. Agree, or disagree?

2010-11 Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts were a big success last April. Here's another take on what went down that weekend at the Methodist Training Center.

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