A Texas-sized welcome

It was great to catch up with Texans fans at the 3rd Annual TEAM Luncheon Wednesday. Texans Chick was there along with the many other die-hards. A father and son who now live in Pennsylvania but watch every game at a sports bar were a highlight. On a visit back to their hometown, he took the boy to the Hyatt and surprised him with the luncheon.

The entire roster of players and coaches attended and gave the huge room plenty to cheer about. I asked Gary Kubiak about the media and community demands of being a head coach in his first year. He knows it's a big part of the job, and as it turns out he's good at it. His Monday show on SportsRadio 610 (5-6 p.m.) is chock full of information. For a guy who is in his first year as a head coach, he seems like an old pro at the PR side of the game.

I asked Mario Williams what he thought of Houston, and he said "It's hot." Well, what do you want for a near 300-pound defensive lineman who has practiced in surface-of-the-sun temperatures since May? He's ready for an Autumn chill.

Denver's weather was great (there I go writing about the weather again), but I'll take Texas anytime. Sure, we get the blowtorch in the summer, but November through April is like one long fall. Snow is highly overrated.

Some people I've talked to are down on the Tampa Bay game because of the absence of starters. I'm still pumped. I just think of all those long days in the offseason with no football in sight. At least we're watching the gridiron game.

The other selling point to the final preseason game is that the players getting the bulk of the snaps are desperate. Many of these guys are fighting for employment. Some will be out of football by Friday. Others will have to wait by the phone and likely wait until next year to get back to an NFL training camp. Some will play arena football. You can bet you will see a great deal of effort.

I hope to see you out there! **


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