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Houston Texans

Accolades pouring in for Johnson

For years, wide receiver Andre Johnson was regarded as one of the best players that nobody knew about outside of Houston and fantasy football circles. When you lead the NFL with 115 receptions for 1,575 yards, national recognition tends to find its way to you. Today, Peter King of has **named Johnson to his 2008 All-Pro team.**

"The ever-whiny Terrell Owens is 35; so it's time for another great wideout in Texas, Houston's Andre Johnson, to assume his All-Pro slot," King said.

Johnson already has been selected to start in the 2009 Pro Bowl and, as noted below, will be the first Texans player to have a display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame thanks to his record-setting seven games with 10 or more catches in 2008.

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