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After loss to Jags, Titans game huge...

Sunday is a virtual must-win game for the Texans. After the Titans, the Texans have back-to-back games out west with Oakland and San Diego. Add the VY and TNT Rivalry factor and you realize that this game is as big as any in Texans history.

There's no shame in being 3-3 after losing at Jacksonville. But the Texans played poorly and failed to perform to their potential. That's what hurts. They were their own worst enemy failing to produce touchdowns on four of their red zone possessions while the game was still in doubt.

Matt Schuab looked great on the opening drive, but the Texans came up short on two running plays and a QB draw when they got close to the goal line. On the next trip inside the 20, Schaub missed Kevin Walter on a bootleg play. Then he hit André Davis, who lost control of the ball going into the end zone.

Had they been able to convert for touchdowns it would have been a completely different game. For some reason, the red zone has become the Bermuda Triangle for the Houston offense. The running game bogs down and the passing game has failed to pick up the slack. Just think how tough things might be without Kris Brown.

Everyone wants to know if Vince Young will play Sunday. You know he would like to even if it's on one leg. He hurt his quad in Sunday's loss to Tampa Bay. Vince has not been running as much this year and might not be able to tear things up on the ground Sunday no matter what. But you can be sure he will do everything he can to play against his hometown team.

Jacksonville lacks great receivers, but they have the personnel to do a lot of damage in the league this year. The defense is stiffling and the offense is sound with Maurice Jones-Drew carrying the mail. David Garrard no longer has to look over his shoulder to see if Byron Leftwich will get healthy and take his job. The division is scary good. How about petitioning the league to get into the NFC West where the first place team is 3-3? Oh well, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.


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