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After MRI, Schaub optimistic about playing on Sunday

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub said on Tuesday morning that, after having an MRI on his left shoulder on Monday, he's optimistic that he'll be able to play against the Seahawks in Week 14. Schaub **dislocated the shoulder** on the Texans' first play against the Jaguars on Sunday.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak said Monday that he thought Schaub had a **"good chance"** of playing this week, but that he wouldn't know more until Wednesday or Thursday.

Schaub discussed the injury and his current health status in an **interview on SportsRadio 610 AM**. He has a weekly radio show with SR610's Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez on Monday mornings but was unable to join them yesterday because of the MRI.

Here's a transcript of the first part of the discussion.

Vandermeer:"How'd it go with the MRI, and what's your current health situation?"

Schuab:"Well, from talking with the docs and everything and how it feels, it's what we expected it to be. Nothing real major, and we're just proceeding in the treatment and rehabbing it and getting it ready to go on Sunday."

Vandermeer:"So you're optimistic about playing on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks?"

Schaub: "Absolutely."

Lopez: "With the injury – you had to be thinking, 'I'm not getting out of this game' – but when it happened, take us through the process of having the shoulder (injury), going to the locker room and what you were thinking there, because as we all know, everybody says, 'Well, Matt Schaub, if he could just stay healthy…'"

Schaub:"When it happened and it popped out, honestly, I couldn't feel my hand in my lower arm. I couldn't move my arm because the socket was dislocated. So I couldn't move it, and so I just tried to stay on a knee there so I could let Rex (Grossman) have a chance to at least get a few throws in before we got off the field. Once we got on the sideline, the doctors wanted to get us in the locker room to get some X-rays real quick just to get a picture of the joint. And so we went in the locker room and they reset the shoulder while we were in the training room, and then we went for some X-rays. In my mind, there was no question I was going back going in. It was just a matter of when it was going to happen, because we went for the X-rays and it just seemed like things were taking so long. But once they got done, we went through the different scenarios and all the while putting the harness on my shoulder and getting back out there in time to finish the first half."

Lopez: "Were you limited? You were making throws, but what was the effect as you came back?"

Schaub: "Well, you've got the adrenaline going, you're in the game, and once you get back out there, you kind of forget about that type of stuff. It didn't really limit me a whole lot. With the harness on there, it was keeping my arm pretty stiff and tight in there. So I really didn't have in my left arm the motion that I probably would have, but I was still able to throw the ball, have my shoulder turn and be able to deliver the football like I normally would. And then as far as just running and being able to get down and take a hit, I took a few and it was fine."

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