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And then there were three

When tight end Owen Daniels was **named to the AFC Pro Bowl roster** on Wednesday in place of Antonio Gates, he did more than become the Texans' record-setting third Pro Bowler this season.

Daniels also became the third member of the Texans' 2006 draft class - after defensive end Mario Williams and linebacker DeMeco Ryans - to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl. That makes the Texans the only team in the league to send three players from the '06 class to the Pro Bowl, which speaks volumes a) about the shrewd job that head coach Gary Kubiak did in his first draft with the Texans and b)about the young talent on the Texans' roster.

"I think we're a talented bunch," Daniels said on Wednesday. "Aside from Mario, DeMeco and myself, you know, (right tackle) Eric Winston is playing really well, (wide receiver) David Anderson has done a lot of good things for us. Even (right guard) Mike Brisiel, who was a free agent that year, has stepped in and done a lot of good things for our team. So, that was a big class for us here coming in, and I don't know if (the media) would have thought there would be three guys in the first three years to go to the Pro Bowl. But I think that shows a lot about us and it shows a lot about the future for our team down here."

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