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Another Aggie?

One of the first things to cross my mind after hearing about the Bethel Johnson signing yesterday was, 'Oh brother, here comes more 'Aggie connection' talk.'

It didn't take long to start. About a minute after the signing, on this very website's message board, I read one of those "Oh well, that's another case of Aggies taking care of Aggies" comments.

Maybe so, but in this case, I think it would be a better use of our time discussing Bethel's chances of making the final 53 and what this signing means for Jerome Mathis.

But if you'd rather concern yourself with conspiracy theories, insider networks, funky traditions and back room meetings at The Chicken, have at it. By the way, did you hear about the secret plan to change the name of Kirby Dr. to South Wellborn Rd?

Anyway, not willing to let that initial comment slide (and no, I'm not a Former Student), I decided to do some quick research – my own little version of CSI Reliant Park.

Knowing the roster fairly well, I was pretty sure that Steve McKinney was the only other player from A&M on the team, but I thought it was time to address this B-CS South stuff head-on. And no, I'm not talking about the Bowl Championship Series.

Here's what I found after taking a quick look at the Texans' currently inflated roster…

With the Johnson signing, there are now two players on the Texans from Texas A&M. Two.

Hmmm. Doesn't smell like a conspiracy to me.

There are also two players on the current roster from Boise State, Boston College, South Carolina, Kansas State, Mississippi, Miami, San Diego State, Tennessee, Virginia, Nebraska, Hampton, Alabama, Illinois and Virginia Tech.


There are also three players on the current roster from Wisconsin, Washington and Arizona State...

....and four players from Notre Dame.

....and five from Colorado State.


So when (not if) you hear someone at the water cooler or on sports talk radio invoke "the connection" myth in the days ahead, tell them about places like Fort Collins, South Bend, Madison, Seattle, Tempe and the 19 other schools with as many players on the team as Bryan-College Station.

Then steer the conversation in a more sensible direction, like whether Bethel can help a wide receiver and special team corps that's desperately in need of help, regardless of his home area code. That will be a much more productive use of your time.

And welcome back to Texas, Bethel.

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