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Houston Texans

Another stunning loss at Reliant

Texans fans have seen their fair share of heartbreaking home losses. Last-minute defeats to St. Louis (2005), Buffalo (2006) and Tennessee (2006) come to mind.

But yesterday's loss to the Titans doesn't even compare to the rest simply because of the range of emotions that fans experienced through the game. I think Alan Burge sums it up well in **his latest blog entry**:

"Whatever the Texans were doing out there for the first 45 minutes of the game, they put us through the full range of emotion. Anger. Frustration. Apathy. Boring everyone out of their minds. Take your pick."

Add these emotions to the list: hope, elation, exhilaration and insanity.

Insane is one word I'd use to describe the Texans scoring 29 points in less than 13 minutes. If anyone told you that would happen against the Titans' defense (which came in allowing 14.4 points per game) with the Texans' backup quarterback and without wide receiver Andre Johnson, you'd think they were insane.

Anyways, moving on...

Despite the tragic ending yesterday, it's nice to know that linebacker DeMeco Ryans' play is getting noticed.'s Peter King **sings Ryans' praises** in his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column:

"There can't be a better second-year defensive player in football. He set the tone for a game that was vital to the Texans' playoff hopes, breaking through the Tennessee line in the middle of the first quarter, sacking quarterback Kerry Collins, forcing a fumble, grabbing the loose ball and rumbling 26 yards with it untouched. The Texans lost this ridiculous game, but Ryans was in Collins' grill all day, with 11 tackles, two fumble recoveries and a quarterback hit in addition to his sack and strip."

If anyone on the Texans - in addition to Kris Brown and Matt Turk - deserves a Pro Bowl trip based on their early-season production, it's Ryans. You can click here to vote for him and other Texans players. CLICK**HERE**TO SEND AN E-MAIL TO TEXANS INSIDER

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