Arian Foster Question & Answer

Arian Foster (2:05:01PM): I just want to thank everybody for taking time out of their day for joining me in this live chat. Let's get it started.

J. Becerril - Houston, TX, US: After a solid contributor your first year, what are the things you worked on this offseason and did you improve your speed?

Arian Foster (2:06:07PM): Yeah, I tried to improve everything in my all-around game. I feel like you have to be a complete player in this league, and speed was one of the things that I improved upon.

aaron - odessa, TX, US: Hey, Arian you had a good performance at the end of the season. You wore 37, now it looks like you are wearing 23 why the change?

Arian Foster (2:07:08PM): I was given 37, and I just don't like that number. There's really no specific reason. 23 and 25 were open, so I chose 23. I've never been honed in on any specific number. I feel like the player makes the number, not the other way around.

Michael Rodriguez - Houston, TX, US: All I want to know is can you do a repeat of your last two games from last season? And, If you can do it all 16 games. We need the running game to advance to the playoffs!

Arian Foster (2:07:59PM): Well, Michael, I plan to do better than I did at the end of last season. That's my goal as a player and that's my job, is to outdo myself as much as I can.

codie stringfellow - san leon, TX, US: dude first off way to run in those last two games!!! you were amazing, but how do you feel you will stand in the depth chart now that slaton is healthy and we drafted ben tate???

Arian Foster (2:08:56PM): Well, Cody, all I can do is go out there and prove myself every single day, and it's up for the coaches to decide where everybody stands on the depth chart. I feel like I can play and I can start in this league, and so that's what I work like every day.

Drew - Houston, TX, US: Growing up who did you look up to as a person in another sport besides football?

Arian Foster (2:11:13PM): Probably Muhammad Ali. What he stood for was more than what his sport called for, and I just think that sometimes as athletes and entertainers, we have a responsibility to our community that goes beyond sports. He wouldn't be near the legend he was if he didn't do what he did outside of the ring.


Arian Foster (2:12:16PM): Well, Billy in all caps, my best playing weight would be anywhere from 223-225. And with my new training regimen, I could break a 4.4.

Carlos Prado - Brownsville, TX, US: How is the running game looking at this point of the season?

Arian Foster (2:14:24PM): We're looking good. The linemen are looking strong, all the running backs are looking strong, so we're just ready to get these pads on and compete.

Arian Foster (2:15:02PM): Codie- realized I spelled your name wrong. Apologies.

Mikey - Houston, TX, US: Hey man I'm glad you are a Texan. Are you a fan of other Houston sports team like the Rockets?

Arian Foster (2:16:43PM): Thank you, Mikey, for your question, but I regret to inform you that I am not a Houston Rockets fan currently. I am a Kobe Bryant fan, so enjoy the Lake Show on Thursday night.

Maximilian Charles - Green Bay, WI, US: Can you please grow dreds? now that dunta left there is no one on the team with dredlocks. I need someone with dreads to root for on the Texans

Arian Foster (2:18:40PM): Maximillian, I planned on growing dreads at the end of last year. That's why I had braids. But I found that hair has too much maintenance for me, and I felt female-ish at times. So ex-nay on the eads-dray (Pig Latin; excuse the grammar).

Chris Brackin - Houston, TX, US: Being that you are an ex-Vol, what do you think about our new coach Derrick Dooley? Being a fellow alumni from Tennessee I was very excited to see you land with the Texans as I followed you throughout your years in Knoxville. I hope you continue your success in the upcoming season and we will be there to watch you!

Arian Foster (2:19:52PM): I appreciate you for being a loyal fan of your Volunteers and of myself, but I have no idea who Coach Dooley is and what he can do. But I wish him success.

P. Manning - Houston, TX, US: Way to play last year... You did great stuff!!! A question for you that is not football related... Who is your favorite family member??

Arian Foster (2:22:03PM): Well, let's hope you're not related to Peyton, lol, but I would have to say my favorite family member is my daughter, Zeniah Egypt Foster. She's 10 months old. Sorry, Mom.

Marquis Valdespino - San Antonio, TX, US: Hey Arian, I'm a season ticket holder all the way from San Antonio and I was in my seat for the game against New England. I was wondering, heading into the offseason and training camp, how does a solid performance in the final game of the season against a Super Bowl calliber team, help you and your confidence for earning more & consistent playing time in the 2010 season?

Arian Foster (2:24:11PM): Well, Mr. Valdespino, I think it earned the respect of my peers and my coaches, and obviously some of the fans, but as far as playing time for this year, nobody's earned playing time yet. That's earned in training camp and how you conduct yourself as a professional. Thanks for the support of being a season-ticket holder. It's highly appreciated.

John - League City, TX, US: Hey Arian! Great stuff during the last few games of the last season! Keep it up! How do you think you all will do without Brian Cushing for the first 4 games of the season? Thanks!

Arian Foster (2:25:38PM): John, thanks for the support. This is a pretty tight-knit group of guys, and when somebody's absent, our job is just to make sure that we try to keep the boat going. So we're going to do the best we can, and I'm sure when Brian comes back, he'll perform like he's capable of.

Martin - Houston, TX, US: Would you rather make a defender miss or would you truck em??

Arian Foster (2:28:31PM): Well, Martin- I would rather have a wide-open hole and not have to do anything, but if there is somebody in the way, I kind of just go with the feel. Depending on the situation, sometimes you can't make them miss, sometimes you have to go through 'em, and vice versa.

Blas - Houston, TX, US: What changed in your practice or routine that caused such dramatic improvement from the initial games that you played in your rookie season versus how you finished in the season.

Arian Foster (2:29:30PM): Well, I didn't really change anything. I think I was just alloted the opportunity to showcase my abilities. Because every time I step between the lines, I play each play like it's my last.

Arian Foster (2:30:19PM): The chat was scheduled to end at 12:30, but I'm having a good time. I'll be here for a little bit longer to answer a few more questions.

Bernadette Foster - Albuquerque, NM, US: Tell us what kind of a person you are away from the football....something most people wouldn't know.

Arian Foster (2:32:53PM): First of all, thank you for pushing me out of your womb. Mother, as you know, I like to think of myself as an intellectual who enjoys engaging in various activities from debates to personal research on topics that interest me. I enjoy reading, I enjoy writing poetry, and music is my second love. And my passion is to one day have my success reflect the light that you have given me on to others in this world.

P. Manning - Houston, TX, US: What is the greatest football memory that you can remember??

Arian Foster (2:34:32PM): Probably my junior year in college, we had a four-overtime game against Kentucky. We were just going back and forth and it was just a battle, and we finally pulled it out and I remember my coach came up to me after the game and said, 'Man, you're a warrior,' and that just feels good to be recognized for what you do out there by people that know the game.

Robert Erhart - Deer Park, TX, US: Can you bring it can you carry the rock for 19 games?

Arian Foster (2:37:13PM): My plan, Mr. Erhart, is to have you excited in Deer Park, Texas, every Sunday. If you're not, I have failed.

Arian Foster (2:38:27PM): I want to thank all of you for your time and questions. I had a great time. Hopefully, I can do this again soon. I'm sorry if I didn't answer your question, but I appreciate the continued support and we hope to give the city of Houston what it deserves.

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