Arrival in Indy

We've arrived in Indianapolis for the Combine, and it's already been a busy morning.

With the news being reported that CB Dunta Robinson will not return, keep in mind that we talked with a pair of highly rated cornerbacks at the Senior Bowl, in Boise State's Kyle Wilson and Oklahoma State's Perrish Cox. The latter grew up just down the road from Houston in Waco, while the former is likely the higher rated of the two. We'll try to corral those two again and also try to get a few other defensive backs of note, including safety Earl Thomas from Texas.

Also, we saw (but didn't talk to) a few Combine participants at the baggage claim of the airport, including Baylor center J.D. Walton, a guy we met with briefly in Mobile at the Senior Bowl as well.

In the hotel, we saw noted NFL and NFL Draft expert Rick Gosselin, and in the coming days we'll try to arrange a longer conversation about the Texans' draft needs.

It's snowing lightly here in Indiana, and we're off to Lucas Oil Field briefly, but check back later for more information.

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