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Battle Red Texans hard to beat

The Texans will wear their Battle Red uniforms (red jerseys, red pants, red shoes, red socks) tonight against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football, and the team is encouraging fans coming to the game to wear matching red. Houston is 6-2 all-time in Battle Red uniforms, including 3-1 versus Jacksonville.

"I think it's fun; the players like it; **they always like something that's a little different, a little change here and there,"** Texans owner Bob McNair said to AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky. "And we always play well on Battle Red day and also Jacksonville hates it. It's fun, it's a little different and some players like those colors better than our traditional colors."

Last year, the Texans **beat Denver 31-13** in a nationally-televised Thursday night game on Dec. 13. It was the first time that Houston had worn both red jerseys and red pants. Two weeks later, Houston wrapped up the season in its red jerseys and set a franchise scoring record in a **42-28 win over Jacksonville. **
The first time the Texans wore their red jerseys, they beat the Carolina Panthers 14-10 on Nov. 2, 2003. That game was such a success that the Texans had two Battle Red games in 2004, and Houston won both of those games. Since then, the Texans have worn Battle Red jerseys in two games each season besides in 2006.

This is the only time the team will wear its red uniform in 2008.


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