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Beating the Turnover Bug

Judging from the calls and e-mails on SportsRadio 610 this week, many Houston fans would prefer seeing Sage Rosenfels play quarterback Sunday against the Giants instead of David Carr. But player decisions regarding the Texans are not subject to vote. Gary Kubiak does not run a democracy, nor should he.

The big issue here is turnovers. The Texans have turned the ball over 10 times in their three road games. Carr has six of them (3 fumbles, 3 picks). Interceptions will happen. Fumbles will happen. But Kubiak wants Carr to eliminate the unforced errors that continue to plague his progress.

Lost in all this is the fact that the Texans are improving anyway. The defense has stepped it up and is climbing the rankings. Special teams will be solid if Edell Shepherd and David Anderson can hold on to the ball in the return game. Wali Lundy looks like he can do the job after averaging over 100 yards per game in his last two outings.

Playing the Giants will be a gigantic task. They are good against the run and feature the NFL's leading rusher in Tiki Barber. The most important thing to do is jump on them early. New York fans make Philadelphia fans seem patient. Get a lead, stuff the run and tee off on Eli Manning. That's the recipe. Making the meal itself is another story.

It's always strange going to the Meadowlands. The press box at Giants Stadium is so high I swear the blimp once obstructed my view. In the distance you can see the New York skyline. It remains a somber sight without the World Trade Center towers. New Yorkers may be used to it by now, but when you're there every year or so it's like looking at a family photo with a couple of relatives digitally removed.

*On other stuff: *

The passing of Red Auerbach was significant to anyone who loves basketball. Having lived in Boston during the '80s, I was blown away by the mystique of the Celtics. This was the best era of NBA action. And living in Boston was one of the best places to be for it. Auerbach created that '80s team and had a hand as a coach or executive in every one of the 16 titles for Boston.

In the '80s, my friends and I would watch at least 30-40 games together with "refreshments" the way you might watch football now. A regular season Celtics game was a big deal. I don't think it's like that anywhere in the NBA right now. The games are enjoyable, but something is missing. Thanks for letting me reminisce.



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