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Ben Tate (2:42:41PM): This is the chat moderator. Sorry for the delay, but please be patient. Ben is on his way.

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Ben Tate (1:00:45PM): Hi, everybody- This is Ben. Thanks for joining the chat today. I'm excited to answer your questions.

joseoh kubiak - houston, TX, US: Have you met up with the team yet? What will be the biggest change in your game for the texans offense?

Ben Tate (1:05:51PM): No, I haven't. We start on May 17. I'm in Miami working out with guys like Frank Gore, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. I'll be ready in two weeks when OTAs start, and I just can't wait to come in and work had and do whatever they ask me to do.

matt - Houston, TX, US: Whats up Ben? What is your first impression of the Texans and of the city Houston? And what team do you look forward to playing the most this season?

Ben Tate (1:07:14PM): From what I've heard, Houston's a great city to live in and it's going to be a great city to play in. We're a good team on the rise, and I just can't wait to get down there. I'm looking forward to playing the Titans, because I know some guys that play for the team that I went to school with and know that's a big rivalry game.

Richard - Houston, TX, US: First off let me say congratulations. I saw the emotion you were going through when your name was drafted and I just wanted to know what were you feeling? How does it feel to finally make it?

Ben Tate (1:08:19PM): It feels great to finally make it. It's a dream come true, but now that I made it, I have to put even more work in. I have to work my hardest to be better.

Rodrigo - Houston, TX, US: Ben, What number will you be wearing? and why.

Ben Tate (1:09:13PM): 43. No reason why. I just picked it. Hopefully I can change it. I really want to get 21 or 24 if I can.

Fredrick Carrera - SOUTH HOUSTON, TX, US: Ben, Earl Campbell is one of the most punishing runners in NFL history, it was believed he struck fear in the eyes of defenders. You said "if you cant make them miss, make them pay," What kind of runner do you want to be known for?

Ben Tate (1:10:40PM): I don't know. I don't really try to be known as one style of runner. I just want to be known as a great running back. I feel like I'm the complete package.

TA - houston, TX, US: do u think u gone be the starter

Ben Tate (1:11:18PM): You know, we'll wait and see. I'm just going to come in and compete. And then it's the coaches' decision when it comes down to it.

Daniel - The Woodlands, TX, US: Will you knock off the cowgirls LB heads when they try to tackle you?

Ben Tate (1:11:53PM): I will try to do that.

Anthony - Clear Lake, TX, US: Howdy Ben! Welcome to Houston. I know that all the fans are very excited that we drafted you. I wanted to ask you, what are your thoughts about Houston and Reliant Stadium? Do you realize how much noise the fans will be making for you? Thanks

Ben Tate (1:13:09PM): I know nothing. Never been, never seen it. Heard it's a nice stadium. I'm looking forward to meeting the fans and hopefuly giving them something to cheer for.

Ross - Auburn, AL, US: How are defenses going to be able to stop you and Steve Slaton at the same time? Will we see the Wildcat alot?

Ben Tate (1:15:07PM): I can't really answer that about the Wildcat, but I'm excited about working with Steve Slaton. I've heard a lot of great things about him. I trained for the combine with some of his teammates, and they said we have a lot of similarities, so I can't wait to meet him.

stephanie - berlin, MD, US: do you miss maryland and ur friends and family . and wtg we knew u could do it lots of love from home

Ben Tate (1:16:19PM): No, I can't really say I miss home because every time you go back it's the same old thing. The only thing I might miss from home is my family and friends, but other than that, I'm on the grind trying to accomplish a goal. Moving away from home comes with the territory.

Daniel Samac - Valparaiso, FL, US: Ben, I've been an Auburn fan since birth. Do you think you'll be the next Auburn RB to make an impact in the NFL, and be a constant statement of how great Auburn really is? And also, what do you think about Auburn's chance to be one of the top teams in the country this year? Thanks, and War Eagle!

Ben Tate (1:18:23PM): That's my goal, to definitely keep the tradition going. Hopefully I can do that. I think Auburn will do pretty good next year. I wouldn't say they're going to be one of the top teams in the country, but I think they'll definitely be improved from last year.

toby - spring, TX, US: Im so excited to have you here in houston.I like you as our ever down back. its not easy to start. do you think the money and fame will change who you are? also what do you think will be the hardest thing to adjust to in the nfl? thanks in advance...

Ben Tate (1:20:34PM): No, the money and fame won't cange me at all because I'm a guy that's humble and I'm always laid back and I'm always working to be the best. I always have a chip on my shoulder. I think the speed of the game might be the biggest thing. I heard it's a lot faster, but playing in the SEC, hopefully it won't be too big of a jump.

Brandon - Mobile, AL, US: hey ben i just wanted to know how you think your going to do and just tell you that i think your interaction with us fans is wonderful. i have been a fan since your freshman year. you are an awesome person and im very confident that yall could win the divison this year!

Ben Tate (1:21:53PM): Thanks, I appreciate it. I can't really tell you how I'm going to do. All I know is i'm going to come in and work hard, and with hard work comes success, so hopefully I'll be successful.

Katie - Auburn, AL, US: Hey Ben! As an AU student, how do you feel that playing at Auburn and in the SEC has prepared you for playing in the NFL?

Ben Tate (1:23:08PM): I think it's been a great experience. It's a tough conference, toughest in country, and going against a lot of great players, I think it's prepared me well to be in the NFL.

Ben - spring, TX, US: Last year Brian Cushing got his head shaved as part of the rookie hazing process.... are you expecting any rookie hazing and are you prepared for the worst?

Ben Tate (1:27:56PM): I'm expecting it, but I'm not letting them shave my head. I'm not really sure what to expect, but I guess I'll find out.

Chase - Atlanta, GA, US: Ben, Do you have any funny/weird superstitions or rituals that you do on gameday?

Ben Tate (1:28:44PM): No, not really. I don't really believe in that stuff.

Lupe - Houston, TX, US: Do you think you can be the guy to convert the tough yards at the end of the game or punch it in at he one yard line?

Ben Tate (1:29:48PM): Yes, I do. However they want to use me, I'll be happy to contribute.

Cedric - Tampa, FL, US: welcome aboard. Do you think having a single offensive scheme will make you more productive?

Ben Tate (1:31:14PM): Hopefully. Hopefully, now I get the time to sit down and actually learn it and study everything about it once I'm there and be in the system for a couple of years. Hopefully it'll do me some justice to have a stable offensive coordinator. I had four in four years at Auburn.

Morris Bosak - Houston, TX, US: Hi Ben, Did I read your stat sheet correctly? Did you really not fumble during your entire college career? If that's true, it's unbelievable!!

Ben Tate (1:32:51PM): No, you must have read wrong. That'd be a great stat, though. I had one my sophomore year, two my junior year and two fumbles this year. So for my career, I had five in probably about 600 carries.

Joshua - Rosenberg, TX, US: Have you had a chance to see the wonderful traffic in Houston? Joking aside there's some great things to see out here. What will you go check out first?

Ben Tate (1:34:46PM): I'll probably check out the stadium first. Other than that, I'm not sure because I know nothing about Houston. If anybody has any recomendations, hit me up on Twitter @BenTateRB or on facebook (same thing - BenTateRB).

PMF - Richmond, TX, US: Who would win in a race between you (Ben Tate), Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams and Brandon Jacobs? Do you ever talk to those former Auburn RBs and do they ever give you tips/advice on what to expect in the NFL?

Ben Tate (1:36:55PM): I talk to Ronnie and Cadillac, but I've never talked to Brandon before. I don't really ask them too much, but if there's something that I really want to know, I do ask them. But i don't bother them too much. If we ran a race, I don't know. I think it'd be a pretty close between me and Ronnie. I think we're a little faster than Cadillac and Brandon. But Ronnie's getting a little older, so I'm thinking I'll probably get him. He might pull a hamstring or something.

Big Zo - Goodyear, AZ, US: How do you feel about being chosen by Houston? We really struggled in the red zone and short yardage last year. Do you feel that your style of running will help make an impact in this area this year?

Ben Tate (1:38:11PM): I hope my style of running will make an impact in every area, not just there. I'm excited, and I'm happy to be a Texan.

Freddy J. Lopez - chicago, IL, US: How does it feel to have Matt Shaub as your quaterback, and have an explosive Wide Receiver like Andre Johnson? With this type of offense do you think Texans are able to take division or even make playoffs?

Ben Tate (1:40:03PM): Hopefully, that's the plan. I'm down here in Miami now working out with a couple of Andre's former teammates, and we were just talking about how Andre's a beast and one of the top receivers in the NFL. And Matt Schaub, he's a great quarterback. I remember watching Matt at Virginia when they recruited me.

David Morin - houston, TX, US: What are some personal goals you want to accomplish while in Houston?

Ben Tate (1:41:20PM): I haven't really set any goals yet. As it gets close to the season and training camp and things like that, I'll start setting my goals. For now, I'm focused on getting ready for all of that and OTAs. One step at a time.

Armando Jaime - Missouri City, TX, US: Excited to have you in Houston! How do you feel about our division; as it is one of the toughest in the NFL? Do you feel any pressure going against them; as we went 1-5 against them last year?

Ben Tate (1:43:08PM): No, I don't feel any pressure at all. I'm just going to go out and do what I do. Those are some tough teams, but every team in the NFL is tough.

Samir - Charlottesville, VA, US: What team are most looking forward to playing next year? Any team you particularly want to beat because it didn't draft you or because your good friend plays on it?

Ben Tate (2:00:34PM): I'm looking forward to playing the Redskins because DC is about an hour and a half from my home in Salisbury. It's close to home and a lot of my family members will be there. I just want to go out and perform well for my family.

Max charles - De Pere, WI, US: Can you pleeeeaaase grow your hair out and possibly get dreds it would be sooooo awesome!?!?!

Ben Tate (1:44:37PM): No, I don't know about that. That ain't really my style. Maybe if I do something crazy like run for 2,000 yards or something, then I'll grow my hair out. You'll have to find somebody to do my dreads for me first, though.

Brandon - San Antonio, TX, US: Have you and Slaton settled on the nickname "Slate and Tate", do you have another idea, or will you just wait and see what sticks?

Ben Tate (1:46:07PM): We'll wait and see what sticks. That's something I just said on Twitter. It's nothing I really thought out, and I didn't really think anybody would pay attention to it.

Ashley Danielle Gaskin - Auburn, AL, US: Hey Ben! War Eagle! What's the most important lesson you learned while in Auburn that you want to take with you to the NFL?

Ben Tate (1:47:56PM): Just always being prompt, always being on time. We always called it being an "Auburn Man," just being respectful and treating people the way you wanted to be treated.

Jason KIvette - Houston, TX, US: Hey Ben your vertical leap at the combine was very impressive, you seem to be a great athlete. Do you see yourself leaping over a few piles in the NFL to get into that endzone? And will you save your first TD ball that you score in the NFL?

Ben Tate (1:49:24PM): I can see myself leaping over some piles and getting into the end zone- I did a couple of times at Auburn. I'll definitely want to save that first ball from my first NFL touchdowns. Hopefully, it's against the Colts.

Greg B - The Woodlands, (Houston), TX, US: Ben, honestly speaking, how much effect did having 4 different OC and 4 different offensive philosophies effect your over all performance? It had to be somewhat frustrating yes?

Ben Tate (1:53:42PM): It was real frustrating, but you've just got to buy into whatever the coaches are saying and just try to be the best. That's what I did. I'd say I was very comfortable with my first system I was in my freshman and sophomore year, and then I was pretty comfortable with my system last year. I was probably most comfortable with the first one just because I was in it so long. The last one, I was still trying to learn it and perfect it late in the year, so I didn't get to learn the ins and outs of it. But I learned it well enough to put up some good numbers.

Petey-N-Htown - Houston, TX, US: I know that you are a NFL RB now and have your own running style, but is there a NFL RB that you would compare your running style to? What team(or teams)in the NFL are you looking forward the most to facing?

Ben Tate (1:56:47PM): I'm not really too sure because I haven't watched a lot of NFL games the past few years at Auburn because I was so busy preparing for my own. If I would have to think of a sucessful running back who maybe has a similar style to mine, it would be a guy like Frank Gore or a guy like Larry Johnson in his prime- guys that can take it the distance and also potentially run guys over and can make guys miss.

Ian Smith - Spring, TX, US: Do you have an appreciation for how much we hate the Dallas Cowboys? If not..think Auburn vs. Alabama.

Ben Tate (1:58:00PM): I guess I'll just learn about it. I don't really know about it too much. But I guess I'll learn about it and it'll grow on me as time goes on.

Big Ryan Little - dickinson, TX, US: Welcome to Houston Ben. I am very glad that we selected you in the 2nd round rather than Toby like many other fans wanted us to. I am confident you will help jumpstart our running game this year. What do you think you will bring to our team that we have been missing for the past 7 seasons?

Ben Tate (2:02:36PM): Thanks. I'm just going to bring the total package. I don't really know too much of what y'all have been missing from the running game, but hopefully I can fill in those holes and help make the running game a lot better.

Johnny B. - Houston, TX, US: Hey Ben, what kind of music do you listen to? Who's your favorite singer/artist?

Ben Tate (2:03:50PM): I listen to rap and r&b. some of my favorite rappers are lil wayne, gucci, drake, jay-z, jadakiss. so a different variety.

Ben Tate (2:04:28PM): That was my last question of the live chat today. To everybody, thanks for your time and thanks for your support. Look for big things out of Ben Tate.

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