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Best Performance of the Year… It Isn't Too Late

For anyone who was at the Colts game 2 weeks ago, you saw the amazing group of girls that performed with us at the game. They are four of our Jr. Cheerleaders. We were so excited to have them back again this year! It is amazing to me how talented they are at such a young age and they came back and surprised us this year with even greater skill.

Last year was the first time we had a Jr. Cheerleader Program, and in my five years with the team I have to say it is one of my favorite memories. The excitement of the girls is contagious and I couldn't wait until they had the chance to be on the field with us. The day of the game last year the Jr. Cheerleaders were so excited and anxious. They waited patiently in the Reliant Center until halftime for their performance. For 250 eager young girls, I know this had to be an eternity. When we finally walked back into the tunnels to tell the girls it was time, we were greeted by overwhelming shrills. It was overwhelming to see how ecstatic they were and even more overwhelming to see their smiles once we were on the field. When it was all over, they were so proud of themselves and their performance and that was very rewarding for all of us.

I have two young cousins and after that day last year I was determined that they would be on the field with me this year for the last game. So I am very excited today, they are all signed up and ready to go! I have two cousins and two very close family friends participating in the program. It's all they can talk about every time I see them now. They can not wait to get their uniform and they continually ask if I know what cheer they are going to do. It is going to be a very special day for me to have them in uniform on the field with me.

The Jr. Cheerleader program is a lot of fun for the girls and I think even more fun for us. It still isn't too late to sign up, you have until Monday, and we would love to have them!

~ Elizabeth

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