Biggest disappointment?

Like any head coach, Gary Kubiak spends little time lamenting the past or looking into the future. He prefers to keep his focus directly on the task at hand, which is the Jacksonville Jaguars this week.

But during his weekly Monday press conference, Kubiak took a rare step back and shared his thoughts on the first half of the season.

His most notable comment came when he was asked about his biggest disappointment through eight games.

"If you ask me what my biggest disappointment is, I would tell you that it's the fact that (Charles) Spencer doesn't have 500 plays under his belt at left tackle," Kubiak said. "That's the biggest disappointment. I think he's going to be a great player, and at this point right now, I'd be talking to you and he'd be like Owen (Daniels). He'd be like DeMeco (Ryans). He'd be like Mario (Williams).

"That was a key, key loss. I'm just hoping he makes it back. I wish he had the same snaps these other kids have."

To those that might forget, Spencer was one of the Texans' third-round picks in the 2006 NFL Draft (along with tackle Eric Winston). The 6-4, 352-pounder from Pittsburgh outperformed incumbent Seth Wand at left tackle to take the starting job during the preseason, and quickly distinguished himself with his quick feet and nastiness ( special correspondent Jim Carley wrote about Spencer's rise to prominence at the end of the preseason).

Unfortunately, a broken leg suffered at Indianapolis in Week 2 cut short Spencer's rookie campaign. But the future remains bright for the young talent, evidenced by Kubiak's comments today.

Although half a season remains, it's hard not to get excited about the 2007 campaign, which will feature several promising second-year players, headlined perhaps by Spencer. **


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