Bizarre win sets up Vince Bowl

Sunday's win over the Raiders was a great example that the only numbers that really matter in football are the ones on the scoreboard. How strange that David Carr could throw for 321 yards and a pick in a 15-point loss one week, and then follow that up with a two-turnover, -5 net passing yard performance in a nine-point win. Weird.

The Raiders fans are hardly the wine-and-cheese crowd. The "Black Hole" end zone section looks like a Kiss convention. Even though the upper deck was mostly empty, the crowd still made a lot of noise when it wanted to. The 'number one' sign was flashed early and often as the team buses pulled into the stadium lot.

The Texans' defense is getting interesting. DeMeco Ryans is starting to look like one of the best MLBs in the league. Mario Williams continues to make noise even if the numbers aren't there. Anthony Weaver was a heck of an addition in the offseason. And Petey Faggins and Dunta Robinson have scored TDs in two of the last three weeks. If you throw out the first three games of the season, this defense is in the top half of the NFL.

The Vince Bowl is Sunday. VY has put up five wins as a starter as the Titans have had incredible victories the last two weeks. His running ability is downright scary and makes him especially dangerous. This is the first of many starts for Vince at Reliant Stadium, and the Texans are fired up for the showdown. David Carr was pulled from the last matchup with the Titans and needs a big day or, at least, as Gary Kubiak would say, a clean game, to help get the win.

Carr has been analyzed more than Google stock. He needs a strong finish to quiet his critics and give the team a boost going into next year. If he continues to turn the ball over, it's going to create a lot of questions about the quarterback position in the offseason. Everyone takes sacks now and then. Everyone has trouble winning consistently without a balanced attack. But Gary Kubiak has made it clear he will not tolerate habitual turnovers.

In any case, Sunday's game will have a bowl-like atmosphere with a local legend's homecoming. Vince Young has many fans in Houston, but his presence on the Titans creates a paradox of emotions for some. The best way for the Texans to handle it is to win. They've only beaten Tennessee twice and have lost three straight to Bud Adams' team.



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