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Black in the fold...Quinn at No. 8?

Jordan Black's signing didn't exactly warrant lead story status on SportsCenter, but it's good news for the Texans. Detractors indicate that Scouts Inc. claimed Black led the league in sacks allowed last year, as if he's personally responsible for Trent Green's downfall (and let's quickly point out that somehow journeyman Damon Huard played well and got rich with Black at his blindside). But assigning blame for sacks is better left to coaches than outsiders. Besides, no one is saying Black is a Pro Bowler. He's being brought in for depth at the most cursed position in Texans history.

Let's face it, left tackle is the Bermuda Triangle of the Texans depth chart. Tony Boselli was made the crowning pick in the expansion draft and never played. In between tours of duty by Chester Pitts, Seth Wand played, struggled and was eventually platooned with Marcus Spears. Platooning at left tackle in the NFL is less common than snow in Houston. Then Charles Spencer gets penciled in as a 10-year starter and promptly breaks his leg in game two of his career. You can't blame this organization for loading up at the 'position of doom.'

In the last blog I wrote about the options at the QB position. Not surprisingly, they didn't include ESPN's Len Pasquarelli's report about the Texans possibly trading with the Redskins at No.6 to grab Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn. Such a deal seems like a bit of reach for a team that doesn't want to part with draft choices. Of course, the Texans could pick one up in a David Carr deal, but it might not be good enough to buy a two-spot bump in the first round.

Charlie Weis feels Brady Quinn is a stud. His opinion is a tad predictable. What counts is how the Texans feel. Quinn's critics will point out that he was beaten in big games vs. LSU, USC, Michigan, and Ohio State last year. Proponents will tell you about the overall numbers and the fact that most of his supporting cast is not exactly first day NFL draft material (not to mention a lackluster defense).

Barring injuries or an unprecedented performance in the preseason, can you see a rookie starting the season for the Texans? See the last blog for the QB options. I still think they have a lot of cups of coffee, phone conversations and conference room discussions before the Texans settle the signal-caller issue.


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