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Bob Sanders, Bob Sanders, Bob Sanders

Okay okay, we get it. He's good.

Better than good. He's great. Yeah, we know.

With all due respect to one of the best strong safeties in football (when healthy), is anyone else sick of hearing this name this week?

I can hear Bob Sanders' supporters saying how we're going to hear even more from him on Sunday, but memo to everyone, and with a nod to one of the funniest Sports Radio 610 calls of all time, Sanders does not have healing powers.

Noticed how I haven't even mentioned Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Joseph Addai, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney?


This is going to be a tough game, especially without Andre.

But I firmly believe the Texans have a chance to shock the NFL and take this one, if they stay composed and survive the initial onslaught that we know will come in the first half on Sunday.

I think they can because even without Andre, this offense has more capability than any other Texans' offense that the Colts have faced at Reliant. And the Texans have played the Colts close more than once at home.

We've heard all week about the recipe for beating the Colts. We saw it last year. Run run run. And then run some more.

That may not work quite as well on Sunday because of the aforementioned difference maker, but I'm here to tell you if the Colts think that the Texans are going to come out in jumbo sets every down and run Ahman Green and Ron Dayne 50 times, they are sorely mistaken.

If you're a Colts fan reading this, you need to understand that the Texans' offensive arsenal (the first time I've used that term in five seasons) has some new weapons this year, not the least of which is a quarterback who gets rid of the ball about as fast as Peyton and who sees open spots on the field like the little kid who sees dead people.

In other words, for the first time ever the Texans have an effective mid-range passing game that can work under your Cover 2 and you will need to respect it, even without Andre. Wait and see. And I'm not talking about dump-offs to the running backs or hitches to the WRs. I'm talking about stuff behind your linebackers.

So don't look back, Colts front seven. What you see behind you might just be a Texans' tight end or wide receiver who found a soft spot in your mid zones - just like your guys do.

In other words, controlling clock is part of the formula to beat the Colts, but this season the Texans have more ways to control clock and convert 3rd downs than ever before.

And yes, I know Peyton is ticked off about last year and wants to stomp us into the dirt just to reaffirm who's the boss.

And I'll counter with our much improved defensive line that hasn't needed as much blitz help this year to pressure quarterbacks. Plus the fact that the Titans were able to routinely harass (2 sacks and 7 hits) Manning last week.

Winning two division games on the road is difficult, even if you're the Super Bowl champs.

I can't wait for this game.

And I can't stress enough how important the crowd will be on Sunday. If we get behind, don't give up. And if you're not serious about totally getting into this game and being an active part of the Home Field Advantage, please give your tickets to someone who will.

With a nod to the old saying to keep your friends close and your enemies closer (or something like that) here's a few cuts from what people were reading in central Indiana this week:

Wednesday: Under the headline "How much is too much? - Colts planned a 2-back system, but Addai is carrying load"

"So much, at least so far, for a Colts' tandem running attack. Joseph Addai is on pace to carry the ball 344 times this season, which would be 118 more than he did as a rookie. He has accounted for 84.3 percent of the Colts' rushing attempts, the second-highest percentage in the league by a tailback. – Mike Chappell,

My two cents: Everyone knows by now that Joseph was a quarterback at Sharpstown HS, right? Addai is a star running back but is quickly becoming a single point failure as he has no one behind him other than journeyman free agent and CFL refugee Kenton Keith.

Thursday: From the Colts Notebook

"Colts defensive tackle Raheem Brock figures (that the Colts) will see more of what it got last December, when the Texans rushed 42 times for 191 yards and two touchdowns during a 27-24 victory."

"We definitely know they're going to try to run the ball," Brock said. "We just want to shut the running game down and go tee off on the quarterback." - Phil Richards,

My two cents: I don't think it will be that easy Raheem. During the Carolina game, the Texans had me confused, wondering what was coming next. If you think this is going to be run, run, pass, you are sorely mistaken.

Thursday: From Colts Notebook

"The Colts defense … has struggled to get off the field through two games this season. Opponents have converted 13-of-29 third downs, 44.8 percent."

"That number should be about 33 percent," linebacker Gary Brackett said. - Phil Richards,

My two cents: That's exactly why it's not going to be as easy as the Colts think it will be to shut down the Texans' offense.

* Thursday: Under the headline *"Sanders wins AFC award"

"Bob Sanders won his first AFC Defensive Player of the Week Award on Wednesday. It might be the first of many."

"For us, when we're playing well and he's in the lineup, I believe you could make a case every week for him to get an award,'' Colts coach Tony Dungy said.

The fourth-year safety had 11 tackles and 2 1/2 sacks in Sunday's 22-20 win at Tennessee. He's the first Colts defensive back to win the award since safety Jason Belser in 1996. – Mike Chappell,

My two cents: Yeah, we know.

Thursday: Under the headline "Difference Maker"

"Consider that in the Colts' past six games (including playoffs), with Sanders stationed menacingly in the secondary, they are 6-0 and have allowed an average of 96.3 rushing yards. In the 12 games Sanders missed last season with a knee injury, the run defense was gouged for 175.6 yards per game and the Colts went 9-3, including a 44-17, 375-rushing-yard humiliation at Jacksonville."

Another morsel to chew on as the Colts prepare for Sunday's AFC South game with the Houston Texans:

When the Texans snapped a nine-game losing streak to the Colts last December in Reliant Stadium, they rushed for a season-high 191 yards. Sanders was on the sideline…" – Mike Chappell,

My two cents: Hey, have you heard about this guy Bob Sanders? He plays for the Colts. I hear he's pretty good.

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