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Brady "expecting to play the whole game"

Amid speculation that Patriots coach Bill Belichick might rest his starters this week, quarterback Tom Brady said that Belichick told him he will play against the Texans.

**"'Don’t worry about that. You’ll be playing,'"** Brady said that he was told by Belichick, per Adam Kilgore of the Boston Globe.

I interviewed Kilgore yesterday for, and he was of the opinion that **Brady would maybe play one quarter** because the Pro Bowl quarterback has been dealing with an assortment of injuries this season. Brady believes otherwise, as indicated by his comments on Thursday.

"I expect, close game, blowout, we get behind, I'm expecting to play the whole game," he said. "I wouldn't see why we wouldn't.

"It's our job to prepare to play, and I certainly am. I want to play, and I want to do great against a team that's fighting for their playoff life and has a lot of great players and really challenges you in some different ways. It's a meaningful game for us. It's a meaningful game for them, too. It would be great for us to win on the road against a damn good team."

The Patriots have clinched the AFC East title and can do no better than the No. 3 seed in the conference. They'll be playing a home game in the Wild Card round of the playoffs and, if they win that, a road game in the Divisional round regardless of the outcome of Sunday's game.

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