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Breakfast: Aviation Day takes off!

Have you ever been to the airport but didn't go anywhere?

On Thursday, Brian Peters, Corey Moore and 40 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston visited George Bush Intercontinental Airport to learn about different job opportunities available.

"At United, we are strong believers in inspiring the future generation in aviation leaders, and we are interested in finding those future aviation leaders out there," said Amy Shaugnessy, Manager of Community Affairs at United. "We are happy to have the kids come out and get a taste of what happens at the airport."

Beyond seeing another career opportunity, this was some of the kids first times being at the airport.

"It gave me insight," said Ayden Arreondo, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston student. "To work at an airport, you don't have just have to be a flight attendant or pilot. There's all different aspects."

The kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston were taken on special tours to visit a variety of jobs within United.

"We got a good look at United and their flight logistics," said Brian Peters. "We went into a plane, into the tower, the operations room. We saw a lot of the behind-the-scenes that goes into the day-to-day operations for United flights. It gave these kids a great opportunity to get a look at the career field."

"You can tell they are really eager to learn," said Corey Moore. "I love kids that are just eager to learn about different things."

United hosted Brian Peters, Corey Moore and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston for a special Aviation Day to teach kids the different jobs available at the airport.