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Breakfast: #WeAreTexans emojis are here!

Admit it, it's just what you need. More emojis in your life.

With the start of the regular season just a few days away, the National Football League unveiled new hashtag emojis on Twitter. The hashtags, which are unique to each NFL squad, allow for fans to spread their virtual voice with the added value of their team's logo.

Let me explain.

Starting yesterday, every time you type in #WeAreTexans on Twitter, that Texans bullhead will show up alongside. Whether you type it once or multiple times, our official logo will but an exclamation point on your statement no matter where you are.

As I mentioned previously, every NFL team has one, each a unique statement (or the team's name) that allows fans to spread the message on their Twitter pages. For us, 'We Are Texans' symbolizes who we are as an organization, so when the league asked for feedback regarding which phrase we were going to choose, we settled in on that one. Now, we will still have other hashtags that we use (#TexansGameday for example), but #WeAreTexans will always give you that branded look when you type it in.

So, now that you know, tweet out #WeAreTexans to your heart's content. You'll be accompanied by the Texans logo every single time. Happy tweeting.

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