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Brooke Bentley Question & Answer

Mike Atiee - New Braunfels, TX, US: Hi Brooke, My first year as a season ticket holder was in 07. That year, the "Meet the Texans" day (or whatever it's called) was held on a Saturday. Last year it was on a Thursday and I see it is on a Thursday this year. Why can't the Texans schedule this for a weekend like in 07. It is hard to get a school aged kid to the event on a school night. Especially if you live in New Braunfels! Thanks, love your videos on

Brooke Bentley:

OK, here's the last question. Thanks for all your emails. Don't forget to check out the site during the draft. We will have exclusive coverage, including in-depth interviews with Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak.

Hi Mike,

I understand your grievances. The Texans All Access party was moved to a week night, because more players are available during the week. I know it's not the same, but I encourage you to come to training camp this summer. There are open practices on the weekend and lots of fun family activities. Thanks for watching Texans TV!

jay - HOUSTON, TX, US: Brooke, whats your thoughts on the time frame for D Robinson and the Texans working a deal. I really like Dante, but he must realize that this is a business. I was glad they franchised him. That gives us another year to evaluate him. Whats the inside scoop?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi fans. Time is winding down, so I'm going to take a couple more questions.

Hi Jay,

With the draft this weekend, negotiations with Dunta have slowed down. Dunta isn't upset about the money, because he will make $9.975 million this year with the franchise tag. He is upset because he said he was told the tag wouldn't be used on him. Dunta loves to play, so he will come back and make sure he is ready for the season, but I have a feeling a deal won't get done until at least several weeks after the draft.

Mark Reid - Houston, TX, US: The Texans have picked up Pro-Bowler Cato June. Zac Diles is coming back after a great season before the broken leg, Xavier Adibi was coming on at the end of last year and we picked up Buster Davis in free agency. With Demeco, why is there a consensus about picking up an OLB?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Marc,

Good question. The Texans could use more depth at weakside linebacker. Xavier Adibi will look to resume as the starter, but he struggled to keep on weight last year and missed games because of injuries. While Adibi has gained about 20 pounds this offseason, the Texans would like some insurance there. That being said, just because all the pundits say the Texans are drafting a LB in the first round, doesn't mean it will happen. Believe me, teams are throwing up smoke screens to throw people off. I had scouts in my office today laughing at ESPN's mock draft and how off it is.

Jordan - Houston, TX, US: Percy Harvin would be a steal at # 15. He could be a great kick returner and slot reciever. Are the Texans looking for a play maker or will the team wisely select a defensive player in the first round?

Brooke Bentley:

Oh Jordan,

I might have to agree to disagree on Harvin. He is a physical receiver who racked up yards after the catch, but a lot of talent evaluators think he will go late in the first round. It doesn't help him that he failed the drug test at the combine for marijuana. So he is slipping on draft boards. The Texans have so many holes on defense that they will address those first on the draft. That doesn't mean they won't go after a wideout or a running back, but defense most likely will come first.

Alfonso - Houston, TX, US: Hi Brooke, everyone feels that the Texans are one or two key players away from being a dominate team. Do you think that this year the Texans will make the Playoffs or even the Super Bowl?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Alfonso,

This year's schedule is pretty friendly to the Texans and gives them their best chance yet to make the playoffs. The Texans play seven teams holding top-10 picks in the 2009 NFL Draft, and four teams with new head coaches: the Jets, Colts, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams. For the Texans to get to the playoffs, they have to be better on the road. They will be helped if they improve their defense and draft a running back to complement Steve Slaton. To be honest, I think they are two key players away from becoming a team that goes deep in the playoffs.

khyle - arlington, TX, US: Do you think the texans will trade down or stay at number 15 and draft matthews or cushing?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Khyle,

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Texans trade down and get more picks. And I think they could trade back and still get linebackers Brian Cushing or Clay Matthews. GM Rick Smith wants to build the Texans through the draft, which means he needs value picks. Those linebackers would be drafted at a better value later in the first round, and that would give Smith an additional selection in the draft. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Texans went after the best defensive athlete available at 15, maybe another pass rusher or defensive tackle.

homer allison - magnolia, TX, US: are we any closer to a deal with robinson!?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Homer,

Because the Texans are so close to the draft, GM Rick Smith is probably taking a break from negotiations with Dunta Robinson's agent. Smith said yesterday that the deal isn't impacting his draft choices. Smith always places a high premium on rangy corners (he drafted Fred Bennett in 2007 and Antwaun Molden in 2008), and he will look to draft another cornerback this year. But Dunta's contract still is a hig priority for the team because they want him back before OTAs and mini-camp.

JD - Huntsville, TX, US: One more question. As for as the first day of the draft goes, do you for see the Texans staying at #15 or do you see them attempting to trade down?

Brooke Bentley:

Welcome back, JD!

GM Rick Smith is vocal about wanting to build the Texans through the draft. That makes trading back appealing to him because he can get additional picks. Smith did it last year when he traded back from 18 to 26 to draft Duane Brown. Yesterday, Smith said that the 15 spot is attractive because teams want to move up to get a player that has fallen down the draft board. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Smith traded down to get the player he is targetting.

Doug - houston, TX, US: Do you think the Texans might draft another wide receiver/punt returner to go against Jacoby Jones in training camp?...I think they need to look at that position....

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Doug,

The Texans feel good about their stable of wide receivers: Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter Andre Davis and David Anderson. Really, Jacoby wasn't used much as a wideout. He primarily returned punts. His big problem was holding on to the ball. So, yes, the Texans could use a speed receiver that contributes to the offense and can be a returner.

Lynda - houston, TX, US: I know this really isn't a question for you, but i was curious on when registration is going to be to sign up for the Texans Junior Cheerleaders?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Lynda,

The Texans haven't released an exact date for Junior Cheerleaders registration, but look for that to come out later in the summer or early fall.

JD - Huntsville, TX, US: Hey Brooke, Since hearing the good news about OD and Ryans coming to team workouts, have you heard anything about them two getting long term deals?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi JD,

I interviewed DeMeco Ryans on Monday and he didn't want to get into the specifics of the deal. But this much I know: DeMeco hired a new agent a couple of weeks ago, Ben Dogra, who also reps Mario Williams. Dogra also is the agent for Matthews Stafford and Jason Smith. Since the Lions are on the clock to work out a deal with Stafford as a I write, I have a feeling that Dogra is taking a break from negotiating with the Texans right now. But after the draft, both Ryans and Daniels will be looking to get the long-term deals they want.

Ryan - Tijeras, NM, US: How long will it take win super bowl tor you guys i am big Texans fan what players are on your list

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Ryan,

The Texans have a much friendlier schedule in 2009, so this looks like the year they will have a winning season. Their primary goal is to make the playoffs. To do that, they have to improve their defense. This weekend's draft will be key for them in that regard.

Alejandro - Houston, TX, US: A Couple of weeks ago on a live chat, I posted a question asking about adding dept at linebacker troug free agency and adding someone like Cato June. Soo now that we have do you still see us drafting a linebacker in the draft or maybe someone else?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Texans fans. Glad to have you back to our Live Chat. We have a lot to discuss with the draft taking place this weekend. Most pundits have the Texans taking a linebacker in the first round, but it wouldn't be out of the question for them to go after a cornerback or another pass rusher. So let the questions begin...

Hi Alejandro,

The Texans signed Cato June to compete against Zac Diles and Kevin Bentley for a starting position on the strong side. Cato's signing gives the Texans depth, but they still could use another weak side linebacker. Xavier Adibi will return as the starter, but he dealt with some injury issues last season. So don't be surprised if the Texans look for another linebacker who is quick to tackle and can help them against the run.

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