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Brooke Bentley Question & Answer

Johnny Smith - huntsville, TX, US: why dont we see more of the deep play action pass that we saw a lot of last season, it should be even better now that we hava run game. i would just like to see johnnson wide open on a 80 yrd TD like we saw week 1 and 2 of last season.

Brooke Bentley:

Texans fans, thanks again for all your questions. If I didn't get to a question, I apologize. Maybe the fingers are still a little stiff from the Green Bay chill! Please join us next week for our Live Chat Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Go Texans!!

Hi Johnny,

There haven't been as much deep play action passes to Andre Johnson in the last few weeks and that's because the Texans have been trying to exploit teams with their running game. Plus, Johnson has been getting a lot of double coverage, which leaves Kevin Walter free. Walter has been catching some huge deep passes like the 58-yard touchdown pass at Green Bay. But don't count 'Dre out. He and Schaub have great might just see Johnson go deep against the Titans.

Zac Attack - Houston, TX, US: Who do you think is farther along in the progrees between Okoye and Brown? I know both of those guys play tough positions to learn. And is a lot of improvement expected in both of these players, or are they going to start leveling off pretty soon as to the type of players they should become?

Brooke Bentley:

Texans fans, I will take a couple more questions before I sign out. Thanks for all your questions!

Hi Zac,

Rookie left tackle Duane Brown has come a long way this season. His first two games as a starter were against the Steelers and Titans, so he had a tough learning curve to face. At Green Bay, he showed just how far he had come. Matt Schaub had plenty of time in the pocket and Brown did an outstanding job clearing the way for running back Steve Slaton. It's hard to compare him to defensive tackle Amobi Okoye because Amobi was injured some this season. Amobi isn't where he or the Texans want him to be yet, but he is young and has lots of potential. Next year will be very telling for both players.

michael - houston, TX, US: Have the Texans said which position they will try and focus on the upcoming years draft? QB, WR?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Michael,

The Texans have not said which positions they will focus on in the 2009 NFL Draft. A couple people have asked me about areas of need. Here they are in no particular order: safety, run-stuffing defensive tackle, pass rusher opposite Mario Williams and bruising running back to complement Steve Slaton. The team does need more depth at quarterback, so they could look for that in the draft or free agency. Wide receiver is one area where the team is stacked.

Jose Salinas - Houston, TX, US: Brooke it seems like just a few weeks ago DC Rick Smith was on the hot seat, do you see him losing his job after this season or does he get a pass for looking productive these last few weeks?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Jose,

Defensive coordinator Richard Smith has been getting a lot of praise for the way the defense has been playing over the last three weeks. The have been blitzing more and causing turnovers. The Texans' defense ranks 20th in the league, which isn't where Smith wants it to be. So there still is work to be done, but things are looking up for him and his troops. The return of cornerback Dunta Robinson has been a huge positive.

Alejandro - Houston, TX, US: Do you think that whe might see the Texans wear the Oilers uniforms just like the Jets wear their old Titans Uniforms

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Alejandro,

The Texans don't have any throw-back uniforms because those belong to the Titans, formerly the Houston Oilers. So it's Battle Red, Liberty White and Deep Steel Blue here in Houston.

Bill - Pearland, TX, US: Hello Brooke, Amobi Okoye attended the same High School in Huntsville, Alabama. Just about 25 years apart. I played with his Head Coach in 1974. My question is in here somewhere! With me not being able be on here during the Friday interview with Amobi, is there an email address or any way to contact him just to let him know how Proud I am to inform everyone I know to this fact. thanks Bill S.

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Bill,

If you send the message to the email address on the Q&A page, I can pass the message along. He will love hearing it! You can check back to Friday to watch his answers. We'll post a transcript and an archive of the video clip with him answering fan questions on the website.

Andrew - Spring, TX, US: Brooke, Every top defene has a great safety whether it be Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, or Bob Sanders. I like Eugene Wilson at FS, and I think we should lock him up based on his performance so far. But with our 1st round pick, I think we should go with Taylor Mays out of USC. What are the chances of drafting a great safety like Mays early on in the draft? Are the Texans interested in him at SS?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Andrew,

Safeties Eugene Wilson and Nick Ferguson have done a great job this season, but the Texans need a physical player who can come in and make big plays like Reed, Sanders or Polamalu. Which team couldn't use those types of playmakers? Anyways, I am a huge fan of USC's Taylor Mays. He is fast, athletic and a punisher in the secondary. I got a chance to interview him when I covered USC football, and he also is a stand-up guy. He would be a great fit in Houston.

Fred - Los Angeles, CA, US: Where do think GK and RS are going to focus for the 09 draft in the first round.(position)

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Fred,

The Texans have several needs, and I will list them in no particular order: a run-stuffing defensive tackle, a physical safety, a defensive end opposite of Mario Williams and a pounding running back for short-yardage situations. They may look to free agency for some of these players, but they also will turn to the draft. The Texans' run defense ranks 20th in the NFL and most of their tackles are smaller, pass-rushing types (i.e. Amobi Okoye). Getting a tackle who can clog the middle and stop AFC running backs like LenDale White, Joseph Addai, Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Johnson will be key. The Texans also are thin at safety and need a running back to complement Steve Slaton.

Jose Perez - Baytown, TX, US: Why did some of the greenbay players go sleeveless in the first half and then wore undershirts in the second half? Most of the houston players stayed sleeveless the whole game. Was greenbay trying to get an edge by staying warmer, or am I reading to much into it.. lol

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Jose,

Kickoff temperature was three degrees at Lambeau Field, making it the coldest game in Texans' history. To make matters worse, the game did get colder as the day went on.

Most of the players had frost on their faces. So that could have been why some Packers put on sleeved shirts at halftime. A lot of the Texans wanted to show that the cold didn't bother them. Wide receiver Kevin Walter didn't wear a shirt under his jersey and said the cold weather gave him an adrenalin rush. He finished with 146 receiving yards and a touchdown. Andre Johnson also said that he liked playing with just a jersey. I guess the Texans aren't a warm-weather team after all!

Alejandro Cedillo - Houston, TX, US: The Texans are on a roll right know. Do you belive they will keep it going onto next year?and Why?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Alejandro,

The Texans have won three consecutive games and are coming off a last-second win at Green Bay. That game proved they can overcome harsh conditions and beat a team that was in the playoff hunt. I do think Houston can carry the momentum into next year. Most teams do that. Just look at the Giants. They barely made the playoffs and made the Super Bowl. After they won the championship, they started the season on fire this year. The Texans have all the pieces in place and are gaining confidence. Next season will be all about the playoffs. I think the way the team is finishing this year leaves little doubt.

Tyrone - Melbourne, FL, US: With Pro Bowl fan voting done which Texans do you see going to Hawaii?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Tyrone,

The fan votes had Mario Williams leading all AFC defensive ends and Andre Johnson fourth among wide receivers in the AFC. The players and coaches will vote this week, and their votes count for 2/3 of the total Pro Bowl vote. I think Williams and Johnson are a lock. Johnson ranks second in the NFL in receptions and receiving yards, and many in the league think he is the best wideout in the game. Williams' three sacks on Monday Night Football made a statement that nobody will ignore. Tight end Owen Daniels and linebacker DeMeco Ryans also stand a chance for a trip to Hawaii, not to mention kicker Kris Brown and possible guard Chester Pitts and tackle Eric Winston.

howard - houston, TX, US: who is be the texans first round pick and will they release Green, Ahman and Weaver, Anthony causee they need too. lol

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Howard,

It's way too early to tell who the Texans will pick in the first round this April. They have several needs: a physical safety, run-stuffing defensive tackle, pass rusher opposite Mario Williams, etc.. Who knows if Ahman Green will be available next season. He has spent most of his time in Houston on the sidelines. So the Texans may look for a running back who can pick up the dirty yards and complement Steve Slaton. It's hard to say what will happen with Anthony Weaver. The defensive end has played well since the Texans' win at Cleveland, where he had an interception.

Steve - Portage, MI, US: What are the players feelings on this weekends game against the Titans?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Steve,

The players are pumped. Andre Johnson said he had never seen guys in the locker room so excited after the win at Green Bay. There was a lot of man hugging going around! The Texans have won three consecutive games. They are coming off a last-second win at Lambeau Field where they put up a franchise-record 549 yards of offense. Now, they get to face the best team in the league with a defense that ranks third in the league. A win over the Titans would send a huge statement to the NFL and give the Texans a franchise-record four-game winning streak.

Zachary Sommermeyer - Ankara, TX, TU: 2 Questions - 1. Will A. Green be back this season? 2. Did you try any good beers in WI?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Zachary,

  1. It's too hard to say if Ahman Green will be playing for the Texans next year. It depends a lot on how the rest of the season goes as well as the salary cap and the health of the Texans' other running backs.

Green is a four-time Pro Bowler with a handful of 1,000-plus rushing seasons, but his body has difficulty holding up for an entire season. That's what 11 years in the NFL does to a running back. He has spent most of his time with Houston on the sidelines. Rookie Steve Slaton is the back of the future for the Texans. He could use a big pounder to complement him.

  1. I tasted some of the local brews in Wisconsin and was a big fan of the cheese there. I see why they wear it on their heads.

chad mcfarland - montgomery, TX, US: whats got to happen for the texans to make the playoffs this season who's got to loose?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Chad,

It looks like the Texans were eliminated from the playoffs when Baltimore and Indy won on Sunday. Both those teams beat the Texans head-to-head, so they get the tiebreakers, unfortunately. In other words, if the Texans won out and both of those teams lost their final three games, all three teams would have nine wins, but Houston would lose the tiebreaker.

Alex Burke - Houston, TX, US: Do you think that the Texans' should fire Gary Kubiack? If they do end up firing Kubiak, who is the next coach in line for the head coaching job for the Houston Texans? Will it possibly be Brad Childress of the Minnesota Vikings? Or Perhaps Herm Edwards of the Kansas City Chiefs? Or maybe even Rod Marineli of the Detroit Lions? Your thoughts on the matter? Thanks:)

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Alex,

I think coach Gary Kubiak is very safe in Houston, especially after the Texans' 24-21 win at Green Bay. The Texans put up a franchise-record 549 yards of offense and won the game with a perfectly executed two-minute drill. Kubiak makes all the offensive calls, and the Texans rank third in the league in offense, averaging 381.5 yards per game. The biggest problem for the Texans has been turnovers and inconsistency on defense. Kubiak will have to find a way to fix the turnover problem next season and he will be doing just that in Houston. I look for good things from Kubiak for more years to come.

jacob - houston, TX, US: What happened to the LB Colivn did we get a draft pick for him leaving

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Jacob,

Rosevelt Colvin signed with the New England Patriots last week because outside linebacker Adalius Thomas injured his forearm. Colvin had been living in Houston and spending time with his family since Aug. 29 when the Texans cut him. The Texans won't get a draft pick for releasing Colvin.

Monica - Bryan, TX, US: What was the Houston Oilers first name when the team first started?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Monica,

Bud Adams named the team the Houston Oilers on Oct. 31, 1959. That was the team's first name. Now, of course, they are the Tennessee Titans.

nick - spring, TX, US: How many more rushing yards does Slaton need to break the Texans single season rushing record?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Nick,

Rookie Steve Slaton has rushed for 1,024 yards so far this season. He needs 164 yards to beat Domanick Williams' record of 1,188, which he set in 2004. Slaton is on pace to run for a team-record 1,205 yards this season. Also of note, Slaton leads all rookies and ranks second in the NFL in rushing average at 5.0 yards per carry.

matt - houston, TX, US: Do you think the texans will be able to keep Dunta in houston for the future?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Texans fans! Thanks for being a part of our weekly Live Chat. My fingers have thawed out after a cold but victorious weekend in Green Bay and I am ready for your questions.

Also, each Friday I interview a player on camera for a video Q&A. This week the player is defensive tackle Amobi Okoye. Send in questions and get a shout out from Amobi on camera. Click here to learn more.

Hi Matt,

As you probably know, this is a contract year for cornerback Dunta Robinson. The Texans didn't extand his contract last offseason because they wanted to see how he would recover from serious knee and hamstring injuries. But Dunta has proved just how valuable he is to the defense since his return on Oct. 19. He has recorded two interceptions and his big-play ability in the secondary has allowed the defense to be more aggressive upfront. The coaches see that. Also, Dunta has said this season that he wants to stay in Houston. He likes the city and he wants to see the team go to the playoffs.

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