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Andrew - Spring, TX, US: The Texans finished with some momentum last year going 8-8, having the first nonlosing season in team history. How do you think this streak will help the momentum towards the playoffs next season? How will this win streak affect our first round selection being we are winning and still not going to the playoffs?

Brooke Bentley:

Fans, this will be my last question of the day. Thanks again for sending questions to the weekly Live Chat. I will be back next Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. CT. Remember, you can watch the Texans announce their Pro Bowl players today at 3:15 CT. Texans TV on will stream the press conference LIVE!!

Hi Andrew,

I think this winning streak is huge for the momentum of the team going into next season. Look at how the Giants fed off their momentum after winning the Super Bowl. If the Texans finish 9-7, they will have the first winning season in team history - that also means they will be drafting lower next year. Still, I'll take the momentum and ride it into 2009.

Wade Elson - Omaha, NE, US: Nice win over the Tennessee Titans! I have two questions I would like to ask. The first is are the Houston Texans thinking Super Bowl next year, and my second question is can the Texans draft a guy I was watching all year long. His name is Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska a powerful D-end. Well, if you will, I was wondering if you might tell like Gary Kubiak if the Texans would draft him. He can also play full-back... He's hudge! He;s like 350 pounds and when he recovers a fumble hes down the sideline in a snap. he smashed the colorado quarterback to the ground on his way to the end zone also. Sorry for taking up so much space, but I guess my question is, will you tell someone to draft the kid?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Wade,

The Texans are always thinking about going to the Super Bowl, but the playoffs are the team's first priority. This year, the postseason obviously is not an option, but the Texans will be gunning for next year. I will pass along your praise of Ndamukong Suh. I haven't seen much of him, but the Texans could use a huge presence in the trenches with Mario Williams.

Alejandro - Houston, TX, US: What position are the Texans looking at the most for the up coming draft

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Alejandro,

There are several positions of need on the Texans: a physical safety, a run-stuffing defensive tackle, a pounding running back to complement Steve Slaton and a pass rusher opposite Mario Williams. The Texans' scouts met with general manager Rick Smith over the weekend to discuss the needs of the team. Things will heat up when the college Bowl season ends.

mike - Beaumont, TX, US: I was wondering has there been any talk from the players or coaches on there outlook for next year considering that things are starting to come together ? I mean last i heard they where like the # 3 offense. I was at the game sunday next to a titans fan. So pround of our defense!! go TEXANS

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Mike,

The Texans' offense still is ranked third, averaging 381 yards per game. And the players are very proud of that stat. They know they aren't playing for the postseason, but they can play for the first winning record in franchise history. As cornerback Dunta Robinson said, they want to finish the season strong and use that momentum to carry them into next season. This team really has come together during the four-game winning streak, and they want the rest of the league to see that.

Next year's opponents are pretty much set, and the Texans face the NFC West, which has three teams below the .500 mark. So the Texans' schedule could be more forgiving in 2009.

joe escobar - houston, TX, US: we are ranked high on yards per game but ranked low on points .what is the coach doing to convert touchdowns instead of fieldgoals or worse turnovers

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Joe,

The Texans rank third in the league on offense but have struggled to score touchdowns because of turnovers. The coaches have worked with the quarterbacks on protecting the ball and making better decisions in the pocket. That has paid off, because Matt Schaub has thrown one interception in the last two games. It also has helped that the offensive line has given Schaub more time to throw the ball and protected him better. I'd imagine that the offense would average 6-8 more points per game if they cut their turnovers in half.

Sunshine - Paris, KY, US: Brooke, I hope your foot is back to normal after the broken toe. With Pro Bowl announcements coming out today, do you think Owen Daniels has a chance and if not, when is he going to get the credit he deserves?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Sunshine,

The foot is feeling much better. Thank you for asking. There is a very good chance that Owen Daniels could make the Pro Bowl as an alternate. He slipped a little in fan voting, but coaches and players think he is one of the best tight ends in the leauge. OD ranks in the top two among AFC tight ends in three different categories, including most receiving yards. You can watch the Texans announce their Pro Bowl players live today at 3:15 CT on Texans TV on

Stephen Lozano - Abilene, TX, US: Hey Brook! I know Vince young is not enjoying sitting on the bench for tennesee. So what are the odds that Vince young comes back to his hometown to play for houston?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Stephen,

Vince Young didn't enjoy losing his starting position, but he said after the game on Sunday that he has learned a lot by watching Kerry Collins. It has been a growth season for Young, who really is a special athlete. That being said, I'm not sure he is the right fit for the Texans. Houston runs a pass-heavy offense that requires a quarterback who likes to throw the ball, and Matt Schaub has been doing a good job of that lately.

Also, I don't think the Titans want to lose Young. Check out this article.

Abraham - San Antonio, TX, US: Hello Brooke, Love your coverage of the team! Could the Houston Texans ever play a preseason game outside of Reliant Stadium, say in San Antonio or Austin?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Abraham,

Thanks for the shout out! There has been talk of the Texans playing a game in Mexico City sometime in the future, but they probably won't play a game in San Antonio or Austin. Teams would love to reach more fans, but it's really hard logistically to move home games to different stadiums. Plus, Reliant Stadium is arguably the nicest NFL venue, so the team wants to take advantage of it as much as possible.

Bill Shipp - Alvin, TX, US: What are the chances of the texans looking for a second running back in the draft, not that #20 is not great, but maybe to have a two back team to keep him healthy.

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Bill,

I like what you are thinking. Running backs take a beating and rookie Steve Slaton basically has carried the load by himself this season. The Texans could use a pounder who picks up the dirty yards and gives Slaton a break. They could look for that kind of rusher in the draft or free agency. Some of the best teams in the league have a two- or three-back system (Giants, Cowboys, Titans, Dolphins, etc.). I'd guess that defense would be the team's priority in the early rounds of the upcoming draft, but the Texans may look for another running back in the mid to later rounds.

Xavier - Harlingen, TX, US: What are the chances of Steve Slaton making it into the Pro Bowl?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Xavier,

There is a chance that Steve Slaton will make the Pro Bowl, but he probably will be an alternate because he is a rookie. Slaton leads the AFC in total scrimmage yards per game, averaging 102.1. You can watch the Texans announce their Pro Bowl players today at 3:15 CT on Texans TV on Houston

Mike Clark - Nacogdoches, TX, US: just curious since he was given a chance to play last year and performed pretty well but not at all this year....does Daris Walker have a real shot at getting off the practice squad before year end and what is his future outlook with the team now that Ahman maybe done and Steve Slaton has had such a great rookie year? I sure expect Texans to close out season with 2 more wins...go Texans gore the Raiders & Bears.

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Mike,

Last season, running back Darius Walker finished second on the Texans with 264 rushing yards, appeared in four games and started two toward the end of the season. Walker has spent most of this season on the practice squad and most likely will remain there for the final two games. Walker works hard and can make plays between the tackles, but the coaches like Ryan Moats backing up Steve Slaton. Walker's future with the Texans will be determined by what players the Texans go after in the draft and free agency.

joe escobar - houston, TX, US: im really proudof my team .i have doubts on the corner backs i havent seen a game that our corners dont get beat that worrys me in this past game the titans qb helped our team on the win alot thats not going to happen often dunte robbinson is one of my favorite players i can see hes not 100% but hes doing good any way will there be a different faster corner next yearb in place of reeves?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Joe,

You are right - Kerry Collins helped out Houston by making some bad throws. But the cornerbacks did come up with some plays in that game, including an interception by Fred Bennett in the opening drive. The defense has become a much better unit with Dunta Robinson back at right corner. He isn't 100 percent, but he is close. His big-play ability gives the entire group more confidence, especially Jacques Reeves. There have been times this season when Reeves and Bennett have struggled, but they are playing better with Robinson in the starting lineup. Reeves can keep up with any receiver, but he has trouble making a play on the ball sometimes because he just watches his receiver. The Texans want him to track the ball better, which will be huge for him this offseason.

Johnny - Fresno, CA, US: Hey Brooke , Who chooses the uniform for game day? I personally like the blue on blue the best I think the red on red is cool. I know we have to ware white on away games but what is the possiblity we see more solid colors on game day? I belive we 've only wore B on B once as well as R on R. Thanx 4 answering & GOOOO Texans

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Johnny,

The Texans actually select their uniforms in the spring during the offseason and submit the choices to the league. There are three themed games where the team wears all one color: Liberty White Liftoff (the regular season home opener), Deep Steel (Blue) Sunday and Battle Red Day.

The all red jerseys have gotten a lot of attention because the Texans have worn them twice on national television and won both times. I know the Texans like to save the solid colors for the theme games, but they just might decide to shake things up next season.

dino - houston, TX, US: do we still have a wild card spot hopefully?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Dino,

Unfortunately, the Texans officially have been eliminated from the playoffs. They do have a chance to play for the first winning record in team history (9-7), and they have two very winnable games left on the schedule: at Oakland (12/21) and against Chicago (12/28).

marcos - san benito, TX, US: who is the best player

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Marcos,

It's hard to name the best player on the Texans, but there are two that probably are going to the Pro Bowl: wide receiver Andre Johnson and defensive end Mario Williams. Johnson leads the league in receptions (103) and receiving yards (1,408) and is considered one of the best receivers in the game.

The Texans will announce who is going to the Pro Bowl at 3:15 CT today, and Texans TV on will stream the press conference live. So log on to see who is going to Hawaii!!

Jay - Los Angeles, CA, US: What's up with Safety Will Demps? Why is he inactive? Will we see him in either of the last 2 games?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Jay,

Safety Will Demps has been inactive the last four games and really hasn't played much this season. He was taken out of the starting lineup because the Texans were looking for more speed in the secondary. Safeties Eugene Wilson and Nick Ferguson have been playing well together, and the Texans aren't about to change anything with the team on a four-game winning streak. The coaches also have wanted to let their younger talent (rookie Dominique Barber and second-year pro Brandon Harrison) develop.

Kyle Petty - Moreno Valley, CA, US: Hello Mrs. Bentley I've been a fan since the opening day for this team. I feel I'm a true Texans fan although I'm a born and raised Californian. I feel like the last 2 years have forced people to acknowledge us (Houston Texans) as a force to deal with when played against. I must admit that I don't fully understanding of the dynamics of the standings and what it would take for us to go to the playoffs If we win the next 2 games( or will it matter)? Thanks In advance Kyle ( The west coast Texan)….

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Texans fans! Thanks for joining our weekly Live Chat on I will answering your questions from 1:30-2:30 and am very excited to get going!

Hi Kyle,

The Texans have been demanding national attention since beating Jacksonville on Monday Night Football. They followed that by beating the Packers at Green Bay on a last-second kick. And last Sunday, they upset the Titans, a team with the best record in football.

People really are starting to pay attention to Houston's superstars like Andre Johnson and Mario Williams (both of whom probably will start in the Pro Bowl). Unfortunately, the Texans have been eliminated from the playoffs, but they can play for the first winning record in franchise history (9-7).

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