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Houston Texans

Brooke Bentley Question & Answer

Vandon - Dallas, TX, US: Do you think Matt Schaub and Sage are the right QB's for this team?

Brooke Bentley:

Texans fans, this will be the last question for this week's Live Chat. Thank you again for all the awesome emails. I will be back next Tuesday at 1:30, so keep the questions coming and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Vandon,

I have been getting a lot of questions today about Schaub and Rosenfels. They have struggled with their consistency this year. There's no debating that. Schaub's been hurt and Rosenfels has turned the ball over. But when they are good, they are really good. Schaub will be back as a starter next year, and he has the talent to lead this team to the playoffs. In October, he was exceptional. His passer rating was about 124. He was seeing the field and making plays with his feet. He won the Miami game on a quarterback draw. But he has to stay upright for an entire season. Next year will be huge for him in that regard. The Texans likely will look for more depth at quarterback during the offseason, so stay tuned.

Marvin Crosby - Monroe, LA, US: Should the Texans may think about going after a quality free agent quaterback next season? Like a Mike Vick or someone else.

Brooke Bentley:

Texans fans, I will take a couple more questions before we wrap up the Live Chat. Thanks for all the questions so far!

Hi Marvin,

Ideally, the Texans would like to get more depth at the quarterback position next season. That could mean drafting another QB or going after a veteran during free agency. I doubt they will consider Vick. A lot of teams think Vick will be too rusty to play quarterback. He is a sick athlete that is a capable NFL player, but quarterback is a skill position. Having that much time off will hurt him. Vick would be great with an offense that runs a lot of direct snaps because he is so good with his legs. I have heard of other people say he would be better off changing positions. It will be interesting to see where he goes.

gary - lake jackson, TX, US: im a big texan fan and was wondering is there a way i can help promote the texans in my city are county

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Gary,

This week you can wear your Battle Red to help promote the Texans' first Monday Night Football game. I think the MNF game will be huge for the team. It will be broadcast nationally on ESPN and the players are pumped. Really, wearing team gear and getting your friends to check out the website is an awesome way to get more Texans fans. Also, join the I'm a Texan Club, which is a social networking site built specifically for Texans fans.


Brooke Bentley:

Hi Johnny,

This is a HUGE year for cornerback Dunta Robinson. It's his contract year. The Texans didn't re-sign him last year because they wanted to see how he responded after suffering season-ending hamstring and knee injuries on Nov. 4. Dunta started at right cornerback for the first time this past week at Cleveland. He had the corners flying all over the place and gave the front seven the confidence to run zone blitzes. Dunta has said he would like to remain in Houston. He likes it here. But, of course, a lot goes into negotiations.

Wide receiver Andre Johnson has a few more years left on his contract. He is a fan favorite and the Texans don't want to lose him. There is no question that he hates losing, but he would like to help lead this team to the playoffs in the near future.

david scott - houston, TX, US: if the texans finish at say 7-9 or 8-8 will it be enough to save coach kubiaks job or how about the defensive co-ordinators job.. also do you think the texans have to many coaches ( twenty - five) at last count?? thx

Brooke Bentley:

Hi David,

Coach Kubiak's job isn't in jeopardy at all. Kubiak calls all the offensive plays, and the offense has been ranked fifth in the NFL. Plus, the players believe in him. They talked about how much they rallied behind Kubiak after the loss to Indy two weeks ago. Check out this video to see how much the team responded to him at Cleveland.

A lot of people have been calling for defensive coordinator Richard Smith to get fired. The defense ranks 19th in the league right now, allowing 333.9 yards per game. That isn't terrible, but they have been giving up way too many points (like 41 to Baltimore). They did play out of their minds at Cleveland, coming up with five turnovers and holding the Browns to two field goals. The best part of the game was their aggression. They ran zone blitzes and had the corners flying all over the place. If Smith continues to call game like that, who knows what will happen.

As for the number of coaches, the Texans are near the top of the league in that category. They brought in some of the best in the business like assistant defensive backs coach Ray Rhodes, who was a former NFL Coach of the Year. Kubiak likes how some of the older coaches, like Rhodes and assistant head coach Alex Gibbs, can mentor the younger coaches. So they could stick around for the forseeable future.

Justin Soto - corpus christi, TX, US: i am concerned with the quarter back position.since matt is always getting hurt and sage isnt a solid qb,will the texans be looking for a reliable back -up qb next season..

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Justin,

I touched on this in an earlier question. You are right on. The Texans' quarterbacks have been inconsistent this year. Matt Schaub looked brilliant in October with a passer rating at about 124. But he has struggled with injuries in his first two years as a starter.

Backup Sage Rosenfels has suffered from an Indy hangover (he committed three turnovers in the final three minutes of that game on Oct. 5) and has thrown nine interceptions so far this season. But he did lead the team to their first road win at Cleveland last Sunday. Plus, he was 4-1 as a starter in 2007.

The Texans view Schaub as their starter. Still, they could use a third capable quarterback on their roster next season. They could look high in the draft and get a quarterback who can develop under Schaub or they could get aggressive in free agency. A lot depends on how Rosenfels finishes the year as a starter while Schaub is injured.

Alex - League City, TX, US: Since you are around the team more than any of us, who would you say is the one clear leader (player) on the Texans, all things considered?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Alex,

I would have to say Dunta Robinson, especially now that he is back in the starting lineup at right cornerback. Dunta has been the vocal leader of the team and his huge hits fire up the defense on the field. He also is a great locker room guy. He gets the players pumped up before games with his energy and aggression. Plus, he has big-time swagger, which is contagious. When Dunta was injured, the team really missed all of that. Dunta returned to his starting spot at right corner at Cleveland, and it's no coincidence that the defense played its best game of the year.

John - Victoria, TX, US: Any chance Houston makes some moves in the off season to get another RB since there have been so many problems with Ahman's health?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi John,

The Texans would benefit from a running back who complements rookie Steve Slaton. This season, Slaton has been carrying the load. Thee speedy back has 774 yards rushing and is averaging 4.9 yards per carry. But he would much better with a bruising back that can pick up the dirty yards, pound the ball in goal line situations and help in pass protection. Green has done that when he's been healthy. In fact, the Texans have won four of the fives games where Green has backed up Slaton. But Green has battled health issues since he arrived in Houston in 2007.

Javon W. - Carter, IA, US: In your opinion, what is the best player on the texans and which color jersey looks the best?why?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Javon,

I don't like to play favorites with the players. But I have to give props to linebacker DeMeco Ryans. After all, he did make the Pro Bowl last year and I got to go to Hawaii to cover it. Now, Andre Johnson and Mario Williams are having Pro Bowl years.

I mentioned this earlier, 'Dre had 116 receiving yards against the Browns and now has 1,071 for the season. He was the first NFL receiver to get to 1,000 yards this year. Super Mario has eight sacks and showed what a beast he is when he rag-dolled Cleveland running back Jamal Lewis.

My favorite jersey combo is red jersey with white pants. The red pops and the white pants look crisp. When the Texans wore that combo last year, they beat the Jaguars and André Davis returned back-to-back kickoffs for touchdowns.

Cameron Mulka - Freeport, TX, US: Hello I am a SGT. in the army currently deployed to Iraq for the second time. I am from just south of the houston area, Freeport. Anyway this questions my be kind of weired but I am wondering if the Texans have walk-on try outs in the off season or around spring training camp. Thank You for your time.

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Sgt Mulka.

First let me say, thank you for your service in Iraq. The Texans hosted their "Salute to the Military" game against the Ravens to honor this country's heroes, like yourself. Unfortunately, there are no walk-on tryouts for the team. The scouts will look at tape of players and bring them in, but they don't hold open tryouts.

If you want to send in tape, here is the address:

Houston Texans

Attention: Personnel Department

Two Reliant Park

Houston, Texas


garret - north shore, TX, US: when will mat shaub return form injury? will he be back next year?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Garret,

Matt Schaub is expected to return in the next few weeks. His MCL injury turned out to be worse than initially anticipated when doctors thought he could be back in 2-4 weeks. In fact, coach Gary Kubiak at one point thought Schaub would be done for the season.

But Schaub began throwing in practice last week. His dropback was monitored, and coaches will increase his repetitions this week. He definitely will be back next year.

austin - stalegate, MO, US: Do you believe that we will draft a cornerback in the first round or maybe a good safety. whats are defense ranked this year?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Austin,

The Texans' defense ranks 19th in the league, allowing 333.9 yards per game. They rank 13th against the pass, allowing 204.8 yards per game. And they rank 23rd against the rush, allowing 129.1 yards per game.

The Texans have several needs on this side of the ball. They could use a huge defensive tackle (an Albert Haynesworth type - but then again, which team couldn't use that?) who can stuff the run and wreak havoc on quarterbacks. They also would benefit from a fast and physical safety. It's too early to tell who the Texans will target, but those are some of the needs.

jason aguilar - houston, TX, US: why dont we get a new consistent qb?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Jason,

The Texans have had consistency issues at quarterback. Quarterback Matt Schaub has struggled with injuries in his first two years as a starter, and this season he threw eight interceptions before injuring his knee on Nov. 2. However, he has been exceptional at times. In the month of October, his passer rating was close to 124. The Texans view Schaub as their starter.

For backup Sage Rosenfels, the issue has been turnovers. He has nine interceptions. But he did lead the Texans to their first road win of the year. It wouldn't surpise me if the Texans pursued another capable quarterback this offseason. The question becomes: Will they look to the draft or free agency?

Tomeka - Ahoskie, NC, US: Hi, Ms. Bentley. I was wondering how long have you been doing this for the Texans? and what is the best part about the job? Thanks

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Tomeka,

I began working with the Texans as a reporter during training camp in 2007, and I love my job. The best part is covering the team on game days after a win. Sundays are what it's all about in the NFL, and it is such a rush to interview a player after he has been larger than life on the field.

Micheal Johnston - Westside, TX, US: I have a formation that the texans may want to consider. You have 7 ineligable offensive lineman at the line, no one behind the center, the quarter back is lined up as a WR. a RB is also lined up as a reciever, and you have 2 TEs off the line off scrimmage next to the other linemen. You use this play only when you need a yard or less only usually. OK, so your center moves the ball and then moves forward for the needed yardage or TD! Tell me if the texans may consider this formation and play or not. Thanks!

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Micheal,

I like where your head's at. The NFL has been much more creative this year with its offensive play calling. Miami started the direct-snap, single-wing formation fad. Soon, teams all over the league were running it. Your type of play would be hard to execute against a team like Cleveland, where center Chris Myers is going against a beastly nose tackle like Shaun Rogers. I think Rogers has about 100 pounds on Myers. I can't reveal too much about the play calling, but I can say that the Texans are looking for creative ways to move the chains. We'll have to check on the feasibility of your idea.

Micheal Johnston - Westside, TX, US: Do you suppose the texans will ever do a trick play such as an option play or a wildcat play?

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Micheal,

It's not out of the question. I can't reveal anything in the playbook or what I see in practice. What I can say is that right now the Texans' running backs are pretty banged up. So that could affect how they are used for the next few games. And don't underestimate the creativity of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. He's seen some pretty innovative play calling from his dad over the years.

Patrick - pasadena, TX, US: I think that Andre johnson is the best wide Reciever in NFL

Brooke Bentley:

Hi Texans fans! Welcome back to our weekly Live Chat. The Texans are coming off their first road win of the year at Cleveland and are about to play their first Monday Night game in franchise history, so we have exciting stuff to discuss.

Let's start with Patrick. I think many believe that Andre Johnson is the best receiver playing football right now. He had 116 receiving yards against the Browns and now has 1,071 for the season. He was the first NFL receiver to get to 1,000 yards this year.

He can make plays from a slant, post or crossing route. Plus, his speed and strength force teams to double cover him. Every player and coach in the league respects 'Dre. I would be shocked if he didn't make the Pro Bowl this year.

You can vote for 'Dre for the Pro Bowl by checking out this page.

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