Building for the future

The entire team went to see the movie "Invincible" Monday night at a special pre-screening, and I really enjoyed it. I love football movies, like "North Dallas 40," "The Program," and especially "Rudy," because it's all about Notre Dame. I'd say "Invincible" stacks up pretty favorably with those movies. I don't want to give away too much, since a lot of you will go out and see it, but I'll give it two thumbs up.

Going out as a team and spending time with each other away from the football field was nice. I think we're starting to come together as a team. The winning has helped, too. A lot of people say exhibition games are meaningless, but I think we've shown that a lot can be accomplished during the preseason.

This Sunday at Denver will be a true test for us. Not only will starters be playing into the second half, but we're facing a team that was a game away from the Super Bowl last year in an environment that's as tough as any in the NFL.

I've never played at Invesco Field at Mile High. I was injured the one time the Ravens played there. But I know how loud it can get, and it should be a nice tune-up for us heading into the regular season.

I'd like to see our defense take another positive step. Last week at St. Louis, we played better. Mario Williams made his presence felt, and the entire unit showed improvement.

Richard Smith, our defensive coordinator, put photos of a rock in every defensive player's locker. His point is that our defense should be strong, steady, and cohesive. The symbolism is important, because we're also trying to create a foundation to build on. I think we're taking steps in the right direction, but it's nice to have a reminder every time we sit down in front of our lockers.

I have to run. My mom's in town, and I want to get home for some of her cooking. She made me pork chops on Tuesday, our off day. There's nothing like relaxing at the house and eating some good home-cooked meals. After three weeks of training camp, I look forward to those things.

Talk soon. Thanks for checking in.


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