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Bulletin board material?

If you believe in the concept of "bulletin board material," the Titans **provided plenty of it** in comments reported by Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean yesterday.

Wyatt shared a few nuggets from Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck on the Texans:

"We are talking about a team that has never even sniffed the playoffs before, so I guess when they beat us or other teams in the (division) it is like a playoff game. It was only the second game of the season but I thought it was for the AFC Championship."

"We are really looking to coming down to Houston and destroying all playoff hopes and aspirations they have.''

"They are like our fourth or fifth cousins, we don't really acknowledge them."

And then there's this from tight end Bo Scaife, a former Texas Longhorn, as reported by the Houston Chronicle's John McClain:

**“We owe them, and they know we owe them,** and every time we play them, this is the biggest game of their season, or so they say,"

And from Chris Johnson, who ran for 197 yards and two scores against the Texans in Week 2:

"I was kind of upset I didn't get 200 yards. I'm going to try and get that. I think I'm unstoppable."

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