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Bye week thoughts

It was the week of the bye and all through the stadium not a creature was stirring except for...

an entire coaching staff grinding away on game footage.

While the players bolted to get some r&r, the coaches started in on a self scout. That's how they'll determine how to get better as they enter the second quarter of the season.

Two things that need to improve:

RUNNING GAME: It's actually amazing that David Carr has the best QB rating while the ground game remains in the shop. Just think how good this offense could be if/when they get the running game going.

DEFENSE: That was a nice performance in the win over

Miami but obviously they want to be better. Richard Smith called a great game with many blitzes (5 sacks). I'm sure he, along with the rest of us, wants to see how they continue to gel against better competition.

I plan on spending the bye with the wife and VanderBaby. Of course I'll watch the Red River Shootout and some NFL action as well.

I still call the

Red River "Rivalry" a shootout. Why not? As if calling it a shootout would make a kid pick up a gun and shoot somebody. If that ever really happened that kid was going to go off anyway. It was just a matter of when. It's just like when they changed the name of the Washington Bullets to the Wizards. What? The name Bullets promotes violence? By that thinking, "Wizards" could promote satanic worship and Godlessness. Sometimes we all need to take a deep breath.

Off the soap box now...N.D. Kalu was our guest at Hooters this week for the players show on Sports Radio 610. What a great guy! He played at Rice and this is his 10th NFL season. Born here, but raised by Nigerian parents he has a great perspective of the world. I find that many of the African born athletes (or with African native families) have immense gratitude to be making a living in the

USA and a strong desire and commitment to help people back in the homeland. N.D. is smart, witty and is a terrific guy to have in the locker room. He can also still make plays.

David Carr was on the Jim Rome show Wednesday and wowed the audience and Rome too. He never said anything bad about his teammates or the organization in regard to being sacked over 200 times in four years. He has handled the tough times well and you get the feeling that he'll handle the successful times even better.

It's tough not to get pumped up for the

Dallas game yet. I know that as a broadcaster I should try to be objective but the fan in me is hoping and praying that this team has turned a corner....that this squad is on the verge of making this a very different season than the one we feared after starting 0-3.

That's why I love being the voice of a team rather than a guy who just does different games every week. Living and dying with a team is what makes following sports great. The living part is certainly better though.

Have a great bye!


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