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Cal McNair on innovations in Texans football operations

The Texans front office has gone through a transformation.

Team chairman and CEO Cal McNair is enthused about the "faster management style" the Texans now have in place.

"The organization is totally re-energized with the team-based approach and new leadership based on sub-programs, with each sub-program being fully optimized as a goal," McNair said in an interview with Marc Vandermeer on Texans Radio. "It's a lot of improvements and we can't wait to get out of the office, back on the field and back to winning football games."

The sub-programs, which include areas like training, sports performance, nutrition and video, have all seen innovations and improvements this offseason. The team recently added virtual reality walkthrough rooms, with floor to ceiling video walls that allow the players to line up across from film of their opponents.

As far as making trades, signing free agents and the other day-to-day functions of the front office, McNair described how things will work with head coach Bill O'Brien, senior vice president of football administration Chris Olsen, executive vice president of team development Jack Easterby, and the rest of the personnel staffs.

"If there's an interest, we'll handle that call," McNair said of potential trades. "We'll have a meeting. We'll get together as a group. We'll make a plan. And then we'll go execute the plan. You'll see that through this year, as this year unfolds."

McNair emphasized that the scouting staffs are strong, and the Texans will "try to improve our roster every which way we can."

The first practice of training camp is Thursday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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