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Calling all girls!

When I was a little girl I would dream about the day I would be able to perform in front of a roaring crowd. I would envision bright lights, smiling faces, up-beat music, and a dazzling uniform to top off my performance. I could only dream of the opportunity to dance on a NFL football field alongside professional cheerleaders.

Now, that dream is possible for girls here in Houston and neighboring communities. It is once again time to sign your little girls up for the Houston Texans Jr. Cheer Program. This program is a tremendous step that can help prepare your child to become the next generation of professional cheerleaders or dancers.

Girls who are between the ages of 6-12 can sign up right **here**. This is a wonderful chance for girls that love to dance and perform to show the Houston Texans fans what they are made of. It's a great experience for the girls, for their families, and, of course, for us, the Houston Texan Cheerleaders!

The girls will make new friends, learn a new dance and get a great new uniform (with adorable boots to match). Oh, and how could I forget? They get their very own set of POMS to dance with.

Last year, the cheerleaders on the squad had an amazing time working with all the girls. I have to say it was honestly one of the greatest moments for me as a Houston Texans Cheerleader, not only because I love children, but because I could see the pure excitement on their faces. I think it brought all the cheerleaders back to a time when we were taking our first steps to becoming professional cheerleaders.

Last year's squad began to truly care and love each girl, and we truly missed their presence when the season was over.

We hope to see a few of the old girls' (vets) faces back from last season and also hope to see some new joyful faces (rookies). We will meet together for a few practices at the Methodist Training Center, and then the girls will perform their very own halftime show during the last game of the season.

Please sign your girls up today! We would be honored at having the chance to get to know your children, dance with your children and help them on their path. Girls, we hope to see your smiling faces soon. - Erica

P.S. Dad & Mom- This is a wonderful Christmas present!

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