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Camp, here we come!

Hi Texans Fans!

This weekend is hands down one of my favorite parts of being a cheerleader - it's time for Pro-Cheer Camp! Every summer, the squad is encouraged to attend camp where veterans and rookies alike head to Atlanta to meet other pro-teams, learn choreography and straight up have a great time! Last year, we got to meet girls from NFL teams such as the Colts, Buccaneers, Vikings and Redskins. This year, I am looking forward to meeting the Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals.

Why is it my favorite time of year? That's easy! We get to learn fun, new choreography from directors across the NFL and NBA, experience new dance styles and have a great time getting to know our teammates better. All of that is so exciting! The only downside to camp is the aftereffect: a very sore and tired body, which is why I am planning on packing lots of Advil! Nonetheless, I will do my best to capture some great photos of your Houston Texans Cheerleaders this weekend, as well as give you a full report upon our return.

Go Texans!
- Sonya

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